You mean someone buys this stuff?

How do you get this past your significant other?

Check out the other offerings. Who buys this $%t?  I'll be nice.

Initally, I thought it was a goof. How about a brick, or those speakers? The proprietor is definitely a risk taker.
What’s not to like fantastic and a anti vibration table 
the best turntable Ever ,buy the deluxe model comes with the best 
Garrard turntable.and Pickering cartridge ,👍
I don’t know if the guy is selling anything but check out the button for the press on his website. He’s gotten coverage from all over the world.
$4400 for a $900 Rega planar 3 built into a coffee table?... this is not for the audiophile community. This is for those who can't DIY and don't ultimately care about the sound. A Planar 3 for the layperson is probably all they will ever need. The raw edge custom coffee table is prefect for someones Aspen penthouse. Not for me but no judgment on the buyer or seller. Just not the kind of product that resonates with this forum.
i have seen $4400 get you alot less.?
Perfectly normal speakers, for the right sort of person. They would go perfect with this guys turntable.