You know you have "it" bad when...................

You start noticing license plates out on the streets that begin with "6DJ8." Even worse, you explain to whomever is in the car with you what that is.
or when your license plate actually is:


Cheers :-)
On the car theme - When you want to put SET Tube Amps in your Car. ;)
You wonder if you should change the power cord on your record cleaner like Classicjazz did!!!!!!!
When you know who Tvad is.
Or back in the 60's when you had a record player installed in your car along side your 4/8 track player..
Can't remember the name if the company that made them..BUT I think my 4/8 track was made by American Radio and was all chrome.
Ditto Entrope
used to trade records for gas in Ca when I was broke in the 70's,fun ,fun, fun,my friend hooked up an 8-track on his Sportster on the handlebars he put a speaker.Lasted a week,long enough for eterenity in some circles....
When you find out TVAD worships Eddie Mercury...
Freddies Brother
you buy amps and preamps in 'twos' so you can sell the one that 'loses'...
when you post to this thread.
When the little angel that sits on your left shoulder says "Those speakers have no WAF at all", but the little devil on your left shoulder says "Forget WAF. Go for it!" and you actually side with the devil.--Mrmitch
Sorry, the devil should have been on the right shoulder-obviously had my polarity reversed-Mrmitch
They found out Mercury wasn't his real last name. It was Uranus.