You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card

What are you coming home with? 
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Mytek Manhattan with built in streamer.
A Thorens TD-124 with Ortofon arm and cartridge.
2/3's of a power cord.
Well used pair of original Bose 901's :-)
Aurender or Lumin streaming/server thig-a-ma-jig.
Used pair of Spendor SP100R2.
1000 feet of cheap wire some fancy wrap and gold connectors. 
Anyone interested in some $200 a foot exquisite speaker cables? PM me.
A free pass for one month in rehab. 
Manley Ultimate Headphone Amp and tubes I can roll in with the remaining $500
A ZOTL Berning amplifier....A revolutionary transformation of tube amplifier, that makes no heat, and makes a way longer life for tube...And the sound seems in the top heaven of Hi-Fi for a relatively low cost...That will crush my Amazing Sansui AU 7700...Not so easy to crush it trust me....

Harbeth speakers will be a possible choice, but I love too much my Mission Cyrus 781 speakers....And too afraid to buy speakers without hearing them before buying...My dac (Starting Point Systems nos dac) is impossible to beat except by something like the Terminator Denafrips, but I love it so much and I dont think that the differences would be so big with S.PS. then I prefer to buy the ZOTL...

Perhaps a ZOTL used + lithium battery big power bank that I will modify with my stones :) …. :)
12" Audio Creative Groovemaster with VTA and titanium armtube and Arche headshell and Herron VTPH-2A to see what the fuss is about and find out if it will it see off my modified Croft.
...the cell next to geoffkait so we can drag our tin cups in sync against the bars.....

"So, geo....what sort of drugs are in your food today?...I'm so Ambien'd to 'mellow' I can't stand myself...."
Raven integrated and new dac. 
not enough for what I want Vandersteen Sevens
For $1,000 more buy a pair of SALK Song3 Encore speakers.  They sounded better than a pair of $60,000 speakers at the RMAF.  I am not kidding.  Jim Salk is the real deal.  He sells direct and eliminates the dealer middle man markups.  As a result, he can afford to use the most expensive drivers available.  His cabinet build is also superior.
That’s easy - a Clearaudio Performance DC!
Or for convenience for me sweetheart, an Ayre QX-8.
Ohm Walsh Tall 3000s for $4K and a Liberty DAC. 
A Galileo power cord!! :) still need one more... 
It's a tie for me. Maybe a Parasound JC5 or add another 1k and get a pair of Salk Song 3 Encores.
Larry 5729, I just saw your post! That's hilarious!! Great minds think alike!
Oppo UDP-205.  $5k isn’t enough to buy a whole system, so get something really good that does so much (now 5k on eBay). Or, if your system is REALLY good, send you 205 in for a tube mod. :)
Hmm. Built in cabinets for my vinyl collection?—and if that doesn’t count as an audio purchase, room treatments. 
Inakustiks P3500 conditioner
AUDION Premier 2.0 Line Preamplifier / MM
2 pair S400 Signatures.
I'll wait.
The Yamaha MX-10000....nice to get the money back
A pair of the new JBL L100 speakers with orange grills and stands.  May be fun for a change of pace.
Headache. Who do I know that would be interested using it? I already have what I need
5k? Pair of JC1’s...
Don't hate me, but since I don't need more gear and love what I have, I sold the gift card on Card Cookie for $2500 and bought a 5th of Jack and got me some hookers ... so ...
First post on Audiogin.

Mojo Audio Mystique V3 Single Ended DAC, Denafrips Terminator, or a Luxman P-750U Headphone Amp.
A dac, a streamer, and a $3000 instruction booklet. 
New desktop set up:

Croft Acoustics Integrated
Harbeth P3ESR's
Bluesound Node 2i
Nothing ,     i have to keep
saving up $$$ 
A Riggle Woody SPU to go along with my Woody Universal.
Have Dave ( Slagle ) build me one of his new super cool modified Denons. ( Read latest issue of Stereophile ).

Then I'm done ( almost ) !!

Cheers,              Crazy Bill
1/2 of a cartridge that I lust after.
Newer, but used, B&W 803's or so, to update from my 803's, and maybe a new CD player.  I would also like to get my KT-917 tuner back, not because it sounds better than what I have, but because it is pretty and easy to use.  BTW, I am also using about $2000 or so from the sale of my speakers.
A pair of Sonus Faber Sonnetto 5
I'd. Ask the lady in your (moniker) on a date.
SweetVinyl Sugarcube SC-2