You got $10000, build a system.

Speakers + amp + pre/pro + cd/dvd player optional

Here's the preference

1. Music and Movie are equally important.
2. Speakers: front, center, side, rear, sub(fronts with enough base can substitute sub)
3. 7.1(dolby ex/dts es) pre/pro + power amp combination
4. you can go +- $2-3000
Please forward the $10,000.
do a search, this sort of thing has been beaten to death.

Ed is correct, though I would imagine that the current market might at least net you upgraded speaker cables or some MUSIC to go with your equipment! ;-)
I think that's a good start, but what do I do with the amp sitting there without any other equipment???
If you truly need to limit yourself to $10,000.....

1) You'll probably need to go with a receiver rather
than separates. Check out something like a
B & K 307, used. This will be the brains and
amplification for your system. I've seen them
going for around $1,500.

2) Since you've gone with a receiver, you'll want to
pick efficient speakers -- ones that are easy to
drive. I recommend Monitor Audio. Get the top
of their line, used for around $5,000 for GR-60's,
center, and surrounds.

3) DVD player -- Get a Denon 1600 used for around
$300. This will also play DVD-A.

4) CD/SACD player -- get a Sony SCD 777ES, used
for around $1,500. This is a reference quality
CD/SACD player and you can also have it upgraded
further later if you get the upgrade itch.

5) Screen -- you'll have to go with a used Sony Wega
16X9 HD ready type of unit -- get the biggest and
best you can for around $1,500.

6) Cable and Wire -- Generic 12 AWG 99.99% OFC
speaker cables. Get interconnects from an AV
site like PartsExpress or AVCables.

Your speakers and source will grow with your system.
Later, when you want to upgrade, you will start by getting better amplification, using your receiver as a
pre-amp. Next, you will eliminate the receiver and get
a legit pre-pro. Next, you will buy an AC conditioner.
Last thing you will do is upgrade your cables.
Alternative ---

**All used prices.......

Anthem AVM 20 -- $2,500

Anthem MCA-50 -- $1,500

Paradigm 100's -- $1,500

Paradigm center and surrounds -- $1,000

Revel B-15 subwoof -- $2,000

Denon 1600 DVD DVD-A Player -- $300

Sony SCD777ES CD/SACD -- 1,500
Paradigm speakers?...amazing! It seems half of Canada uses this site!!!! Not that I don't like Canadians(even though they protested our war) I do! Infact, when I go to Vegas, I get the most pleasure from talking to Canadians I meet there!...very nice people, indeed.
Anyway, back to the subject...I would want to know more about your room/set up/acoustics before making recommendations. There's too many variables otherwise, that making less than ideal choices is easy to do otherwise!
Tell me more about your set up, room, and acoustics, as well as listening habits(loudness?...move around the house when you listen?..sit in one spot?..multiple listeners/seats?, etc)
There's LOTS to consider, and many can potentialy be recommended. Need more info though!
I am not Canadian. I recently spent some time
shopping with a friend who is on a budget. Paradigm and Anthem are owned by the same parent company. When Paradigms and Anthem were paired, it seemed
to me that there was excellent synergy there and a
lot of bang for the buck in that price range. When one
is on a budget and -- obscene as it sounds -- $10,000
is a stringent budget, I think it is wise to go for those
kinds of components that get you close to stuff that
costs twice as much.

I also think the tiny minority of people who have problems with the Paradigms probably aren't using enough amplification. Often, it seems the complaints come from a poster trying to run them with a receiver. But, the Anthem MCA-50 has plenty of power to make the Paradigms sing. The Paradigms were likely voiced to work with Anthem equipment.

But -- hey -- don't take my word. The Anthem AVM20
and Paradigm 100's have gotten rave reviews from
many different audio critics. When they agree with
me like that, I have to say they really know what they talking about. :-)
HMMMM. On the used market I would go for:

Magnepan 3.6 $3200
Wolcott P220's $5000
Resolution audio CD-55 $1200
Bare solid core copper wire $100
Nordost Quattro-fil 1/2M $400

I chose the resolution audio cd-55 because it has one of the best analog output stages I have heard and it allows me to spend big money on the amps/speakers. It's a real sleeper on the market and it will also direct drive an amp.
Next choice would have been a sony xa777es.

As you can see I spent most of my money on the amps and speakers. The combination of the wide bandwidth Wolcott's power and transparency with a large Magnepan's imaging, timbre and huge soundstage should be nothing short of amazing. I've heard them with magnepan 1.6's and Soundlab A1's.

Ultimate version of this ?:
Speakers: Soundlab A1's with a huge room.
Cabling: All Valhalla
CD: A Meitner SACD DAC with a BAT vk-51 SE preamp.

Disclaimer: I sell wolcott amps.

Search this board ("Best of") and look for a thread titled "Home Theater for $10K", and look for my post under that thread. I have written a post under that VERY thread last summer. The system I have put together under that thread would be the same one I would put together here. This is not only a home theater, but this can also be an audio system if you're willing to manipulate the controls on the pre/pro. None of the components has not changed that much (if any at all).

Good Luck!!!!!

Pre/pro - Anthem AVM20 - $3500.00; Amp - Aragon 2007 - $3000.00;Speakers - Atlantic Tech 270 THX system for $2800.00 +a pair of 171`s for rears for $330.00;DVD player - Philips Q50 - $300.00. It all adds up to around $10000.00, and for extra $2-3000 you could get a good CD player (like Rega Planet or Jupiter) or maybe even universal player for DVD A and SACD and cables.
Processor: Rotel RSP-1066 $1500
Multichannel amp: Rotel RMB-1075 $1000
2ch amp: Rotel RB-1090 $2000
DVD-V&A/SACD: Marantz DV8400 $1500
Main Speakers: Magnepan 1.6 $1675
Center: Magnepan MGCC3 $990
Rears: Magnepan MGMC1 $750
Sub: Paradigm PW-2200 $800
Cables/wires: $1000
TV: $1500

Total price retail $12,715

could probably get it used for around $10,000