You get to have 3 pieces: 2 speakers and 1 piece of electronics + Turntable...

What do you buy? 

Do you get an integrated? 

Do you get a dac/pre with active speakers?? 
In my current set up, which I consider minimalist, I still have 6 separate pieces of gear (not including the outboard speaker crossovers):

- Raspberry Pi music streamer
- Mytek Brooklyn DAC
- 2 x ICEpower monoblocks
- 2 speakers. 

-Console system one piece. (modern one not vintage).

- 2 speakers, integrated with DAC and tuner.

- powered speakers, Pre-amp, Source of your choice.

- powered speakers like the LS50 wireless so DAC inboard, other source

mm can't think of anything else.

Could you be more specific? 
Lyngdorf 2170 and speakers.  The 2170 is a dac, pre, amp and room correction.  
Wow this is very important ill be up all night thinking about this will get back to you ASAP!!!
I will be up all night anticipating your reply ebm! 
Micromega M100 with MARS and speakers. The M100 is a dac, pre, amp room correction and a streamer. Music library in another room on NAS. Boom done.
Sounds like my office system

Marantz 2230 receiver
Fried A-3 speakers 
Kenwood KD 500 turntable
McIntosh MA6600 Integrated 200wpc
GE Triton 1 Speakers
VPI Scout Turntable
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Oh, come on @elizabeth - Anything that large should have a built in 8-track. :)

I would have a VAC integrated amp, Giya G2 speakers, and Rega RP 10 turntable; does this meet your requirements?

.  Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures II

.  Cambridge Audio AZUR 851A (Preamp, Amp, DAC)

.  VPI Prime Turntable