"You cannot handle the truth"

Should anybody be weary about any equipment (mostly new) that are barely used, no way near the usual break-in period, before putting it on sale?

Like, why would anybody used it for, say, 70 hours or so, then decided to sell?  It's always a red flag to me, as if it's some kind of lemon, some forgotten freight being fall off from a truck, or the equipment sounds woeful....   I would not think any legit dealer would be that casual neither.

Not to upset anybody.... would love to hear some reasonable explanations such that I don't make the wrong assumption...
I recently bought a bunch of equipment to set up for a new home dedicated listening room with a tight closing purchase/sale timeline. The home failed a critical part of the inspection process and I had equipment I had already acquired stacked to the ceiling in my office. The loss on the sale of the equipment pales in comparison to what I saved NOT going through with the purchase of the home.

In short, everyone has a different value barometer. Losing a few thousand on a piece of equipment is alot of money to some and not alot to others. Always though, do your due diligence on the seller and look at someone's track record here and elsewhere.
I bought a pair of Maggie’s one week old cause the wife said too big. Ha happy wife happy life. 

Lets see , kidney sold to buy The Gate.

So right about 5k right now then.....
Seriously though.

I have bought my own fair share of goodies on the way to audio nirvana only to find either they just did not gel in my system for whatever reason or in some cases they sounded just plain awful!

I do not believe in sticking with it in the hope I will come round to the sound. Nope, if it did not hit me right away out it went. Maybe not the best path but I am sure I am not alone.

I would say right now though that I am a lot closer to audio nirvana than nervosa.
@jetter : "Selling a kidney to buy audio gear, ridiculous. By the way, just out of curiousity, whats the going rate for a kidney?"

Its a sellers market but just like everything else it depends on who you know. And don't forget, you can only sell one!