"You cannot handle the truth"

Should anybody be weary about any equipment (mostly new) that are barely used, no way near the usual break-in period, before putting it on sale?

Like, why would anybody used it for, say, 70 hours or so, then decided to sell?  It's always a red flag to me, as if it's some kind of lemon, some forgotten freight being fall off from a truck, or the equipment sounds woeful....   I would not think any legit dealer would be that casual neither.

Not to upset anybody.... would love to hear some reasonable explanations such that I don't make the wrong assumption...
Mix of what n80 and gents said.

Sometimes people just do not like something as much as they thought they would. No need to keep it.
Touche glupson2. Years ago, after a year or more of reading rave pro and owner reviews of the Pass Labs 250.5, I sold an amp I loved and bought the Pass in perfect condition. I hated the way it sounded and wanted to get rid of it ASAP. Punchline...the guy that I sold it to didn't like it either.
Sometimes we end up not liking what we thought we would like. That's one reason.  
And in this day & age of the brick & morter disappearance, the audio salons where you can see, touch, feel & hear just aren't there anymore, so many of us buy these expensive items *we're only reading about* (see my credit card statements for vintage European 12AX7's this last couple of months), leaving plenty of room for error and more active AG accounts. My stereo was a lot more stable in the 90's.

Sometimes I get very disappoint about a pice og gear. If I dont like after a week or two I sell it.
I have found sellers that have over extend themselves and need to recoup some money from an ill considered purchase. I'm fortunate to have a little bit of impulse control or I would be in the same boat.