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Should anybody be weary about any equipment (mostly new) that are barely used, no way near the usual break-in period, before putting it on sale?

Like, why would anybody used it for, say, 70 hours or so, then decided to sell?  It's always a red flag to me, as if it's some kind of lemon, some forgotten freight being fall off from a truck, or the equipment sounds woeful....   I would not think any legit dealer would be that casual neither.

Not to upset anybody.... would love to hear some reasonable explanations such that I don't make the wrong assumption...

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I would be weary of any quote so garbled you can’t tell if its referencing a Nicholson character, or Brent Spiner.
Actually this is one of the hardest things for me to understand. Maybe because I was raised with little and learned to make do and be careful with my money from childhood. Maybe that is what made it so hard for me to understand and accept that there are people who seem oblivious to and show little regard for wealth and treasure.

And I use wealth and treasure very deliberately because I don't mean just money and things but the time and effort and energy and resources that they represent.

I mean as a little kid I wanted to see a movie so bad but my parents wouldn't take me but I was determined enough that eventually I figured out mom had enough pop bottles that if I could load them in my wagon and get the deposit I could go see the movie, which would have been impossible except it was playing three blocks down the street. The movie was the Beatles Help which came out in 1965. I was born in 1957. So at 8 years old I was planning out the logistics of how to earn the 35 cents it cost for the movie and popcorn, including walking there and back, not getting caught.... which I didn't!

All that planning. Thirty five cents.

Flash forward 50 years and I'm on a forum where a guy is talking about buying a brand new $135k Porsche on impulse. Never even heard the word before that day, buying the car. Which then sits, probably gets polished more than driven, and then sold few months later.

What was the question? Oh yeah, should I be wary of that car?

No. The kind of mentality that would do such a thing. That's what I think you should be wary of.
Now here is the recipe for success!
 I'm more convinced that you can eke out better performance from whatever gear
you may own by using the best connectors/cables that you can afford and which are simpatico with the equipment. It's nice to get new stuff, but a lot
of satisfaction comes from little changes that separately might not make a difference, but when taken in sum, lift your system to a little higher level.

Print it. Cut it out. Tape a copy to your monitor, magnetize it to the fridge, carry one in your wallet, make it your email signature. 

Then again what was I thinking, this is audiogon.... nevermind.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled shilling.....