"You cannot handle the truth"

Should anybody be weary about any equipment (mostly new) that are barely used, no way near the usual break-in period, before putting it on sale?

Like, why would anybody used it for, say, 70 hours or so, then decided to sell?  It's always a red flag to me, as if it's some kind of lemon, some forgotten freight being fall off from a truck, or the equipment sounds woeful....   I would not think any legit dealer would be that casual neither.

Not to upset anybody.... would love to hear some reasonable explanations such that I don't make the wrong assumption...

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I recently learned my lesson buying used gear.  So from now on I am asking many questions about the items I may buy.  Repair history, number of owners, and issues at all, etc.

I don't care shy someone is selling unless the item was not reliable or is having repair issues.

To answer your question more directly, I have purchased an item and when I plugged it on thought well not what I expected.  In my mind that component would have to make a 180 degree turnaround to sound better than what I own.  So in that case, back on the market it would go.  It just was not better or did not work in my system.