You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...

But there is a world class system there for your use.  Leaving many favorites behind but I must have:

Yes - Close to the Edge
Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs
Neil Young - Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
John Lee Hooker - Mr. Lucky

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Anyone to bring something digestible from "Top 30" or "American Idol" to the Island? Anyone, please? I am going thru my second reading of "The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory" and still feel like an alien by totally Not getting the music flood coming from The Industry Dudes! Mind you, I still listen to Ace Of Base when working out, but once pop and math gets applied to human psyche, the end result is even creepier than MP3 (MP3 tries to fool our hearing, re-digested Hit-Tune is an abomination to my ears!).  I am in deep hiding in Classical music nowadays, but is there any manageable "mainstream" out there? Hit me!

Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Steve Hackett - Watcher Of The Skies
Eloy - Planets
Yes - Close To The Edge

I use iTunes and cdbaby to look for new artists/music, then seek out places where an LP or disc can be purchased.