You can only keep one pair of speakers on the list

SO, I have been told that my small collection of gear needs to go and I can only keep one pair of speakers. I will have the chance to build my collection again but for now I only get to keep ONE pair. SO, here you go guys, I would like to hear ALL of your opinions and why.
Lets forget about what I will be powering them with and so on and just hear about what you would keep if you could only keep one pair. They are all in great shape.

1. Phase Technology PC-1000
2. Polk SDA2b
3. Teledyne Acoustic Research AR9ls (with i mod)
4. Mirage 1295is
Simple... Keep which ever speaker sounds best to you in your listening space.
all nice..i wouldn't want to part with any, but the polks are a marvel, and if they are in great condition, that a real rarity.
Can you let go the wife instead, and keep all the pair of speakers? Sorry....could not resist :-) But seriously, too much to ask of a guy with this hobby man!! I wish you well and hope you can make up later.
I had a pair of the Polks so I am partial to them. 15 years later and I still remember them fondly.
LOL, you might be on to something there since she is just a girl friend, not married yet... hope this thread stays private. he he he I do love the polks, but man these acoustic research sound great, but so do the phase techs, with such fast and accurate bass response, but the Mirage sound so... REAL... but I can only keep one.. hmm.... dump the girl and keep them all... hmmm.. >:) lol
So would the speakers ever declare that you can only see one girl? And what is she getting rid of/reducing of hers? I do hope there's a comparable requirement & response for both of you...

(And one last thing - who/what have you known & loved longer? If you do have to sacrifice and orphan your loved toys I hope there's an appropriate response...)
i think black and white reasoning/quasi-ultimatuums doesn't work for me so in the spirit of compromise keep the favorite 2 pair..ha
WOW, this is getting intense... I really dont want to / cant go into to the personal aspect of everything, but I do agree with all of you in that I should keep what most pleases me... (which might mean I keep all of it.. he he) but I do think that I will be keeping the acoustic research speakers and the polk audio sda for now. I will do my best to clear everything else out and start over. I might be starting over in more than just my audio if things go the way they are going.
This is easy. You like them all for one thing or another, but you really like the Mirages. I say SELL ALL 4 PAIRS and get a pair of Mirage's recently discontinued flagship, the OMD-28s in rosewood. Originally $7500/pair on closeout for $2600. Linear down to the mid-20s at least.
without knowing the motive for your purge, i'd reluctantly part with the phase techs and keep the other three, which are acknowledged classics. i'd rationalize this decision as follows: (a) you are demonstrating some flexibility and compromise by selling one of your cherished speakers; (b) you are demonstrating your personal integrity and strength of character by keeping the others; and (c) being forced to sell the others will engender resentment and/or depression which will inevitably prove toxic to your relationship. remember to buy her some flowers.
LOL ok, so I am thinking now that the phase tech, and the mirage speakers are going bye bye. I just listed an auction for the Mirage, starting at 300... I will get the phase tech cleaned up and listed soon as well if I cant find a local buyer.
a would agree with your 'keepers'.
So how the heck to I make a choice between the AR9ls and the SDA2? Both of them have a unique sound, and I like them both in different ways. My thoughts are that I should be able to replace the sda2 for less money that the AR right? What are my 9ls speakers worth?
selling big speakers aways comes back to condition and original boxes, etc. both pairs could fetch higher than blue book, if they're cherry/near mint.
Does anyone know about the AR TSW510 speakers? There is a pair near me for 75 bucks but they would need to be refoamed on all drivers.... Worth it? Specs? Thanks
Upgrade the 2B's to TL status, sell everything else and you'll never look back.
There is no way I can afford to get the TLs... not yet at least.
Bogart would buy another pair of speakers.
??? Can someone please tell me, IF you ONLY had space for one amp, a Yamaha A-1000 integrated auto class A... OR
a Yamaha MX-600u hyperbolic circut amplifier, which one do YOU keep? I want to know more for sound quality and power, not looks or input selections etc... PLEASE chime in ASAP as I have to sell one of them. THanks
TL tweeters are $100 shipped for the pair, crossover upgrade would cost anywhere from $100 to a few hundred. IMO, 2B TL's are the best sounding SDA's.
The SDA2b just sold to a friend for 300 dollars. They were indeed mint and souded great, but the cash was needed. I still just cant stop loving these AR9ls speakers... they sound AWESOME