You CAN Go Home Again

We have all been disappointed by artists who have been out of the limelight for some years and then gone back to record a new LP, trying to recapture their old sound. Almost always a failure.

A couple of moths ago, I bought Al Green's "I Can't Stop". Having recently moved, I jsut got it cleaned up and on the platter over the weekend. If you like Soul/R&B, it is a must buy. I'm telling you, it is like going back in time. Written and recorded in 2003, this one sounds like it was done in the early-70's. His reunion with Willie Mitchell (ON BLUE NOTE) is a keeper and in the finest tradition of the Memphis Soul Sound.

Anyone have any recent similar experiences such as this with an old-timer capturing old-glory?
i was lucky enough to see al green a few years back & he still had the girls tossin the panties on stage, too bad most of them were on oxygen but it was still a great show.

LOL, Bigjoe. He is going to perform here locally this summer. Interestingly (or not), he is one of my 16 yo son's favorites.

I recall him on Letterman maybe 10 years ago when he did a 15 minute or so version of "Let's Stay Together" - working the aisles and had the ladies a-swoonin'. Wish I had that on tape....