You cable haters please DO this.

Yo, haters, can you please do this..??

First, you need to go find some old useless stuff, you have tossed some where in..basement or attic or closet.

-- Those interconnect that came with cheap DVD player or CD player or know what I      mean. Those plastic red and white ones.

-- Find some few cheapest and thinnest power cords.

-- Lamp cord to use it as speaker cable.

Now, replace all of your systems cables and cord with above and listen for ONE WEEK.

After one week is where you need to have a good friend with some good quality ICs and power and speaker cables. Or if you have a friend you want to shut him or her up......go over with your cables.

-- Hook up the good cables.

You see, I always thought and still think cables are important part of links of chain. My ears included. For fun, last Friday I did what I outlined above. If, changing one ICs...PC...or speaker cables at a time doesn't change the sonic then it shouldn't change at all when changing out ALL the cables at once right? Or am I right?  Anyway my system is

VPI Classic 1 with Lyra Dleos
Zesto Andros 1.2
Sony XA5400es
Bryston BDA 3
Bluesound node2
Custom tube pre amp
Custom el34 tube mono power amp
Morrow MA3 and PH3 ICs
Clear Day double shotgun speaker cable
Signal Cables Power cable
Equi=Tech 1.5Q

Oh, I did not use equi= tech with cheap cables. I just used dollar store power bar. I mean, it shouldn't make any difference right? Power is POWER. did it go? I let the system sing everyday for a least 4 hours. All day when I was home. I wanted to run this for whole week and I did it and I'm glad it's over. Here is what I find.

In one word to describe system with cheap cables is Muddy. Just muddy from day one until last night. I Don't want to go into details of sonic. Just muddy. Once I changed back to good stuff.... Eargasm. Better than pissing. And they say good pissing is better know

My money was not wasted on cables. My cables are all so call budget cables and money well spend. I did it for fun and because I forgot how I started out in this hobby. Anyway, people who keep saying cables Don't do shi* should try this.

And you have to have a lots of patience. I wanted to stop just after few minutes..Lol. I was hoping for sound to improve after day or two but never did.

Now I know.
Well done you !! I think we should all do this as you say to remind us how cables really are so important to our systems. But I am sure though that these people would only find something else to moan about.
You have a good gear.  what are the speakers?
Oh Yeah. Forgot about the speakers. They are Tyler Acoustics D2. Older model but still good to my ears. I just did that for fun, not to poke anyone with it. But it wasn't fun to listen for a One hour should have been
I'm sorry, but you debased your entire "cable experiment" by changing out your Equi=Tech power supply. Going from unbalanced to balanced (Equi=Tech) AC will make ANY system sound notably better. In short, your entire experiment merely compared unbalanced with balanced AC, and balanced won. No surprise.
Oh, Sorry. When I hooked it back up the good cables, I plugged them into the same dollar store power bar. Other than my power amp, which went into the wall. Same setup as skinny cables. And, man those skinny cables are sooo much to easier to work with. I should have been more clear. Equi=Tech wasn't part of both settings.
I do not think anyone who visits this website uses the free plastic cables that come with a tv or cheap Bluray player . You tortured yourself for what reason ?
Sounds like you need a job. Can you swing a hammer? I’m looking for another carpenter who can still hear. 
I got a hammer. Are you deaf mickeyb ? j.k 

Hey should ask that Q to non believer. Do you believe in cable maple? Hahaha. Torture, it was not, but just for shi*s and giggle. Please don’t take it seriously people.I had my mind set on doing it for a week before I started and I just did what I said I was going to do. Music was just playing in the basement and I give a listen here and there for minutes or two at a time to see if sound improves or not. So , no I didn’t sat there for hours. Why would I ? 
I don’t think most audiophiles will argue much about the value of decent cables. You can preach to the nay sayers all you want, it’s wasted breath. I have played with cables a lot the past while and am convinced but still can’t support paying the stupid money some manufacturers are asking. I have some equipment at work that runs off of 480v 60 amps. The power cord is 200 ft long and when coiled can’t be carried. People are stealing them for the copper value and a 1m power cord for my home stereo amp costs more? Come on boys give your toque a spin.
Opps!, I 'm a cable hater.

Opps!, I had a Super Bowl party last night.

Opps!, a friend of mine brought over his Synergistic Research active interconnects and speaker cables.

Opps!, bastardo is going to cost me a lot of money. EVERYTHING was better. 

Opps!, my bank account is going to suffer.

I am no longer a cable hater.
Lol...see, wasn't it fun? And it was a good game. 
I'm not sure that using the cheapest DVD-player IC and lamp cord is the best comparison.  Maybe try it using relatively inexpensive, but well-made cables like Blue Jeans or Signal Cable or something like that.  You do need a certain minimum of decent connectors and shielding, IMO. 
Don’t you just love all these cable threads? 
sounds reasonable and easy for them to do
You should post this on and wait for the fun.
Hahaha, lol Millie. It was for shi*s and giggle. I sure don't want shi* to hit the fan. People take things too seriously.  

Funny how the usual naysayers have not posted on this thread.
Not to jinx it.
I took all my big buck wires off and used some 1960's FM twinlead antenna wire I found. The insulation was breaking off, so I used some duct tape.. (Thanks Red Green) and used that for AC power cords.
I used some coat hangers for the speaker cable.. and old coiled telephone handset cords for IC Using RCA connectors from 1930's I scavenged from a dump when I was a kid.
I cold soldered them with "Liquid Metal"...
I discovered how much I was missing using $1,200 and $3,000 cables! I threw all those away and now bask in perfect glory.The earmuffs fell from my ears!
Throw away those expensive wires... Join the movement.
Then I woke up.
▲▲▲▲▲▲ V-e-r-y funny ... maybe you're onto something with those old coiled telephone cords! Aren't Western Electric wires highly regarded???
Hahahaaaa...right on elizabeth. Was a good dream or a nightmare ? Least we all have a choice to use whatever we want to. If we don’t have a choices....what fun would that be? That would suck.
I am having some cables made from wires used in the electric chair from Sing Sing.  
I am having some cables made from wires used in the electric chair from Sing Sing

Do you think they are properly "burned in"?
Sing Sing... that is a pun by name, isn't it?

Love to spend big bucks on great sounding cables.