Yoiks, I'm amplifier confused.

A tax refund and wife allows an upgrade - can fudge around $2500. Thinking about an amplifier upgrade. My current system:

Rogue 99 pre
Bryston 3BST
Arcam 9 CDP
B&W N803
Harmonic Truth Link and Pro 9 connections
Synergistic Tech power all around.

Primarily listen to classical and jazz. The options are confusing and I've kinda identified some candidates:

Rogue 120 Monos
Rogue 88 stereo
VTL ST 150

Pass 150.5
CJ 2500A

This will be a sight unheard purchase since I can't, in all conscience, go to the local shops and research or perform home audition. And I've really only chosen the candidates from reputation - unfamiliar with the CJ, PASS and VTL lines.
The cheaper options (Rogue 88/VTL ST85) could also allow a CDP upgrade. Any thoughts?

I'd also include a used Cary V12 in that price range as well. Just a suggestion.
Here goes. Keep the CDP. Find an outboard DAC as the transport is very decent. Any of the tube amplifier choices are very good. Stick with Rogue if you like the preamp.

I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz and run VTL TT-25s if that helps. Very good line. Hope this helps and provides best bang for the buck.
i second the cary v12. i had a rogue 88 that was very nice, but when the opportunity came around on the v12, how could i resist? charmed within the first 5 minutes, been under its spell since.
i have been very happy with the v12 and rogue 99 for the last 6 months. i have no plans to replace the rogue 99 until i can afford to step up to something like the bat preamps.
try to audition the cary if you can.
VTL MB185 used monos will definitely be the most superior amps of listed above with switchable ultra-linear and triode modes.
Compared to the most Cary amps they're dead quiet just like SS amps.
If you decide on VTL MB125 which is superior to stereo versions sonically you'll have a room for AH! player that will not stretch the rest of your budget too much
What is "wrong" with the Bryston?

What sound "change" are you looking for? (Do you find your speakers a little tizzy on the cybals?)

Classical and Jazz...you sound like a Harbeth speaker man. You could get the Compact 7ES-II for your refund check and live happily ever after... (had to say that)

I think the budget would allow for a BAT VK-60 ... they are extremely musical ...
Don't know what the output impedance of the Rogue preamp is, but you should find that out and then re-examine your amplifier selections to see if all of them are truly compatible. Sean
A friend has the BAT VK200 and is a very nice match with his N803s. In my opinion it has just enough power for these speakers.
Take a look at the Mcintosh MC352. I am using it with B&W N803, never regret the purchase. Rodney.
match your bryston 3 with their preamp,get harbeths and live happily ever after...the 3 is the heart of your system at this point.
Your source electronics are very nice but the mismatch lies in the 3B-ST and BW speakers (personal experience). The 3B-ST is one hell of an amp but not with B&W speakers. How about go with a more power Rogue amp if you like the 99 sound so far? Or upgrade your speakers?
Thanks all for the feed-back. Knew I could count on Team A'gon. I'm leaning toward a tube solution. While the 3BST is a fine amplifier I expect to smooth out the edges with some experimentation. Maybe a cheaper option so I can experiment without a serious investment or resale issues. But that Cary suggestion is really intriguing...

Thanks again all of you.
Since you have edged toward tubes, the new CJ MV 60 SE should be on the top of your list. It is a new version of the Premier 11, for all practical purposes. I was using a MV 60 and then used the MF 2500A for two weeks. The 2500A is as smooth, clean, quite, dynamic and musical as you could want. It was too much power for me, so I went over the the MF 2250A. It is a shade less revealing than the 2500A. It is better than the MV 60. But the MV 60 SE may be the best of all three. I will have mine upgraded. It is a tad more than your $2500, but you can buy a used MV 60 and get it upgraded for about $300 and still have a few dollars left for cables, CDs, another upgrade or even an evening out with your wife who made all this possible.