Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone SACD

A co-worker loaned me his Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone (SACD) thinking that I'd enjoy it. It's ironic that he purchases hybrid SACDs but doesn't own an SACD player because he has been much happier, on average, with the recording quality of redbook layer on these albums. Our theory is that if they go to the trouble of making an SACD they are putting forth an extra effort that shows up in the Redbook layer. In any case, the recording and music were wonderful and compelling for me. I have 1 and 19 month old kids so finding any time to listen to music is difficult. This SACD kept me listening for several evenings. Several days later, after returning the disk, I was listening to my iPod at work and realized that I was listening to one of the songs and discovered that it was on my Appassionato CD. The interesting thing is that I had always like the music on this CD but wished it was a better recording. I loaned the disk to my co-worker so that he could do a Redbook comparison and he reported that the Appassionato version sounded a bit "thin" on the secondary instruments. He really couldn't describe it, but it was lacking. It was the same recording originally so it's sad that it's hasn't maintained the same sound quality. I just ordered the SACD for myself and am looking forward to adding it to my collection and also comparing the two for myself.

The point of this post is if you enjoy classical music this is a MUST own.
Yup. I'm sure there is a crowd of us that love this disc, and some who have even shed a tear or two. I'll take a 180 here and recommend you give Terence Blanchard's Jazz in Film a spin as well even though Redbook only. Happy listening.
I have the redbook version. It's a keeper.
I'm rather fond of John Zorn playing the music of Morricone; the CD is called "The Big Gun Down".
Thanks for sharing, All.
Happy Listening!
As a flow up, the Sacd arrived and the redbook layer is significantly better than the other CD. The sacd layer is even a bit better, but not t.nearly as Much of an improvement.
After hearing something on Pandora I recently found a CD called "Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, and Joey Baron Play Morricone"...great stuff....nice sounding CD.
Once again I did a Redbook to SACD comparison and it's very difficult to distinguish any difference. I am certain that the volume level on the Redbook is slightly higher which is known to trick the ear into preferring that sound.

It matters little as I can listen to track one over and over and over and simply forget that I'm actually trying to listen for difference. The music simply sucks me in every time.

When I got done comparing I forced myself to start the CD on track 2 for normal listening.