Yo Yo Ma - casually

Just picked up "the Goat Rodeo Sessions" cd from the library. Unexpected but interesting. A bit of country, bluegrass and 'Funky Chicken'(for those that remember it).
Ptss, I love that CD, but Appalachian Journey is even better in my opinion.
Thanks very much. I'll check it next.
Love it, and love Appalachian Journey!
Thanks for reminding me to take a listen :)
Thanks. Appalachian Journey isn't in our regional library so I'm checking other avenues. Yo-Yo has created controversy among classical die-hards but I find it interesting to enjoy other music making endeavors.
Ptss, I agree. What after all, would people expect him to do? Record the Dvorak concerto 6 times? Crossover efforts as well done as those two albums are to be applauded.
I'm with you Brownsfan.It's nice to see what a genius player can simply partake and enjoy.
Well. Very interesting event today. I did enjoy listening to
this album as a peek into Yo-Yo's interests---but-- I put it on again today and couldn't listen to it. Boring in the extreme. I was surprised; but it is rodeo music;and I can't say I'm a fan of chuckwagon racing. Oh well..Get me back to classical!! And jazz.
For me Goat Rodeo is an occasional listen. Appalachian Spring is close to weekly. I could listen to the Bach Suites daily and never get bored.