Yggdrasil or iFi pro dac

I'm searching for a new dac and am considering the Schiit Yggdrasil and the iFi pro. Does anyone have experience with these to DAC's?

I'm leaning towards the the iFi because of the tube input and jfet circuit. 
I recently got rid of my Yggdrasil Analog 2 because it sounded 'lifeless'.Dull, narrow sound stage... and yes it lacks dynamics (a lot of folks get confused it for being 'analogy').
Was it properly burned in and warmed up (which, by the common knowledge, means "on" all the time at least for the past few weeks)?What did you replace it with? I got rid of it's smaller brother, the Gungnir multibit (last, unofficial "A2" iteration) because of the narrow stage, among other things, but it was not (particularly) dull, lifeless or undynamic to my ears....
In my setup I hear a wide and deep soundstage, very lively with excellent dynamics. Detailed, but still a pinch warm. Perhaps something in the setup is affecting the sound? Components not matching well?
I read some very positive reviews on a DAC (with dual ES9038Pro chips/dual toroidal transformers) from China and bought one. You can buy it on ebay (or on amazon) for $1200 - $1300 shipped. Had both the Yggsdrasil (always on) and the Chinese side by side for about 3 weeks. The Chinese DAC simply blew the Yggy away...  sounded much much better as night and day. My wife and son knew that I bought a new audio component when they, all of sudden, heard amazingly different sound.
I am not a fan of Chinese products... but sadly the Chinese make DACs better and cheaper. I am not affiliated with the Chinese company by any means. And of course I don't want to promote their products in public forums.Oh and one good thing about the Yggy is that it's so easy to resell.
One more thing to point out... most of us have heard about the OPPO 205 and how good it performs with a MSRP of $1200. And we must assume that Oppo is not the only Chinese company that can build quality audio products. Those Chinese built DACs ( and other audio products) will only get better and cheaper. And they ship directly to us to make it even cheaper.