Yggdrasil or iFi pro dac

I'm searching for a new dac and am considering the Schiit Yggdrasil and the iFi pro. Does anyone have experience with these to DAC's?

I'm leaning towards the the iFi because of the tube input and jfet circuit. 

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I wouldn't recommend purchasing an audio component based on measurements alone.  I’d highly suggest listening, preferably in your system.

I have a Yggdrasil Analog 2, and it’s a very fine DAC.  Some guys on Head-Fi have heard both and commented. You may wish to read more there.  My main takeaway from there is the Yggdrasil strikes a
good balance between being precise and musical, whereas the iFi in Bit Perfect mode is a bit warmer and less accurate.

Schiit Audio has a 15 day trial period, something to consider.
In my setup I hear a wide and deep soundstage, very lively with excellent dynamics. Detailed, but still a pinch warm. Perhaps something in the setup is affecting the sound? Components not matching well?