Yggdrasil Dac by Schiit?

Any comments on this DAC, perhaps compared to well known expensive CD players like the EMM XDS1 or Esoteric K01?
(This DAC has been getting a lot of attention.)
Thanks in advance.

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I've been doing some reading on the Schiit and would like to hear one, and I'm impressed that they have opted to use the older and much more expensive way of digital to analogue conversion by using Ladder Multibit dac chips instead of the cheaper to produce delta sigma types eg: (1bit, bitsteam, and ess type dac chips).

As Ladder Multibit dacs are said to be bit-perfect precision.
And I've always like sound of them better when implemented right than the delta sigma types I've mentioned, as to me they give better jump factor (more exciting) sound to the music to my ears, call it dynamics or better rhythm and drive, or whatever, they get me doing air guitar or air violin if playing classical.

Cheers George