YG Acoustics vs. Avantgarde Duo series comparison?

I like horns, but an intrigued by YG. Have not yet heard YG personally. Has anybody heard both and if so how do they compare? Thanks. I appreciate any insite.
This is a funny comparison, actually maybe the most funny I have read.
What I meant to say that both speakers are so so different sounding that you cannot compare them.
There arent enough words for me to express how much I believe that YG is better than the Avantguarde.
This a great question. I'd also like to know they compare. What are their differences in how they reproduce sound?

I have had budget horns for more than twenty years (Klipsch Forte') which I enjoy and I have speakers with dynamic drivers I really enjoy also.

Mike, since you seemed to have spent time with both speakers that the OP asked about, would you mind comparing how they present music?

Thank you for your time.


What I meant to say that both speakers are so so different sounding that you cannot compare them.
There arent enough words for me to express how much I believe that YG is better than the Avantguarde.

Call me crazy, Argyro, but it sounds like you just compared them, and expressed a preference for one over the other. :)

I have heard YG Acoustics in two several occasions and for quite a bit. The big Anat and their middle in line speaker.

I have heard Avantgardes many times, almost all their models, in domestic environments - in shows etc.

The YG is much more accurate, much more revealing and a better speaker overall by a very WIDE margin IMHO.

Actually I consider Avantgardes, bad designs. By bad I mean, audible frequency ranges, coloured sound (different from what is written in the source material), and annoying.

If "High End" or "High Fidelity" if you like is about accurately reproducing the recorded material, cause this is what its all about, then the Avantgarde doesnt stand a chance next to the YG.

If someone wants to "prefer" the Avantgarde its his personal opinion, but "preferences" have nothing to do with high fidelity.


I listened to both the Anat and Carmel at CES over the weekend and without looking at the price, the Anat driven by Tencor amps were the best sounding speakers I ever heard, period. Wilson Alexandria, Sumiko, Sonus Faber were also there and came close to the Anat but I don't think they could over come the sound quality and soundstage of the Anat, IMHO.
For the money that a potential buyer would be shelling out to buy either of these speakers and assuming that the buyer has that much $$ of disposable income to purchase equipment, IMO it would be better to just take a trip or fly out to the closest dealership(s) and listen? The travel expense would be mere pennies for the price of the speaker and potentially making a poor decision and losing out in thousands should the speaker not perform up to expecations.

Please don't take this as a slam on anyone, but we are talking about ~20K for the Carmel and Duo's - that is if the OP is looking at the Carmel and not the ~50K Kipod.

Understanding that we do like to hear if people have an opinion.
How can anyone compare cones to horns? They have very different sounds and appeal to very different listeners.

YG might sound more "accurate," but my ears regester that as "boring and lifeless."
What about Thiel vs Khorns?
At least the Avantgardes will keep you awake.
Jeff1225 pretty much called it the way it is.
Thanks Magnum. Are you chilling at the King Kamehameha Club for a cocktail tonight?
Jeff1225,,,, boy, it really doesn't sound like you've heard the YG speakers. They are anything but boring and lifeless. They are not My preference because they are so fast and to me too bright. They don't sound like music to me - sort of like when you boost the color on a HiDef tv. Its not real, but exciting to look at.
I've been hearing them for years at the CES shows. They are very transparent and super revealing of the upstream components. Like Magico, they're good hifi, just not my cup of tea. I guess I prefer a more "lively" sound. Anyway I don't know why I'm posting on a YG vs. Avantgarde discussing, its totally ridiculous. Horns are a unique sound, loved by some, hated by many.

Vandersteen 5A's ARE one of my favorites BTW.
I've owned Avantgarde Duos 2.1 for several years and currently own Avantgarde Duo Primos. I have listened to the YG's at several shows during the last couple of years. I like both of them. I think they have a lot in common. They are both very dynamic and detailed. They both have fantastic fit and finish. I feel the the YG's are slightly drier sounding then the current Avantgarde loudspeakers that utilize the 18 ohm Alnico drivers. Obviously, you're going to have to listen for yourself to determine which loudspeaker your prefer. As far as getting opinions, you might want to ignore those internet genius's who are self-proclaimed experts in loudspeaker design. You know, the guys who have mega bucks invested in their system, but don't have enough common sense to invest in and treat their listening environment. Anyway, good luck!
Thank you Brawny and others for your comments. I will go out and listen to both, as well as a few other brands I have in mind.
Jeff1225 I prefer the Don the BeachCombers, long swim to Oahu.
Have also heard the YGs numerous times, can we say overrated and overpriced.
Speaker measurements tell 90% of what a speak is! Try to look around for those! IMHO

It's iPhones fault! lol
in the end, to each his own preference.
Having said that, some friends i know are avant garde speakers for life. They just love it and wouldnt want anything else.
Some folks swears by the YG & they hail it as one of the best speakers.
For me, the debate ends when you ears would dictate the sound you prefer or like.
I personally dont care much for horns but they are in no way unpleasant, its just not my cup of tea.
I have not heard of any YG but like the more conventional speakers like Harbeth, Spendors, Wilson, etc...
To me, almost all speakers have plus and minus points. So in the end, personally, there is no prfect speaker.
Best to decide after you listen to either speaker & let your ears decide.
Good luck
Kudos Brawny. It seems their is always some wise guy who knows all. I know now what the true meaning of HIFi. I guess his preference should be our reference!
Philefreak I didnt talk about any preference, I talked about things that can be MEASURED. And yes, absolute measurements should be your reference if you want to listen to a "high fidelity" sound. Otherwise you listen what YOU prefer, which i respect with my whole heart but dont call it high fidelity when you have a frequency response like mountain everest, and a step response to laugh at.

Its quite simple.
Mike or Argyro or whatever your name is, are your bored? This is your sixth post in this thread and the only thing you have managed to do is show your ignorance. We are all quite taken with your loudspeaker measurement expertise and are not worthy of your enlightenment. It's guys like you that ruin these types of forums for everyone else. How about giving it a rest and taking it elsewhere?
I m sorry, thought I was answering to sth addressed to me!

Happy listening!

Thank you! With the exception of Argyro, you have all provided meaningful and worthwhile feedback to this question. I appreciate your comments Brawny, as an owner of the Duo Primos. I will go out and physically audition these speakers, along with a few others, with my own music selections.
Hi Hiendmuse - best of luck to you and enjoy the experience. Who knows you may see another speaker that blows you away :o)

Thank you Lou. I spend on taking my time on listening to a number of different makes and designs. I will keep an open mind and open ears to all.
Avantgarde dealer so take it for what it is worth....

I have been selling Av's for over 10 years. I personally always loved the "alive" sound of the AV's, but understood the criticisms of many, one being that the speakers did not sound "real". Well I just received and listened to the latest AV's the G2 Uno's. If you have not heard the G2 series of Av's and you are basing your opinions on the original Av's, then you are really doing yourself and potential readers of your comments an injustice. If you truly have an interest in hearing Avantgardes I urge you to listen to a pair of the new G2 Avantgardes. They now retain their "alive" sound but now they also sound "real". They also image/soundstage, even with SS driving them like a great dynamic cone speaker. I always overlooked these areas as I was addicted to the alive sound. Now it seems that they do it all.

I am really not trying to sell anyone on the AV's here. All I am saying is if you are interested in AV's please go and find a pair of the G2 series and listen for yourself. If you end up in NYC, give me a holler and come and hear my pair.