YG Acoustics add in Stereophile

I saw the YG Acoustics add in Stereophile and was wondering if anyone knew what "Competitor" speaker they were refering to in the measurements. I heard the YGs at CES and they sounded great to me.
I am using wolcott audio tube amps
I have owned the Temptation and evidence and the MBL 101 E I now own the YG Pros they blow everything else away.
The reason why people buy YG speakers is because it is the best sounding speaker they ever heard. I am a dealer for them I was an MBL dealer. I have lots of MBL speakers in my showroom for people to buy and nobody buys them when they compare them to the YG speakers. The best thing that YG do better than any other speaker is they sound great with any type of Music. You can play Led Zepplin or Bach they never sound Harsh. They are one of the few speakers designed with computer aided tools. If you go to the YG factory you can see the technology they use is way superior to every other speaker manufacturer.
Marcmen, I heard the YG Anat IIs at CES. For whatever reason they sounded outstanding, but at $120K, they should.