Yet Another Yamaha T-2 Restoration Question:

This tuner is a real classic and I couldn't resist grabbing one that I found in the used/trade-in section of a local dealer.

It works fine and the bulbs still light up, but its super cool, built like a tank metal cabinet is a bit scuffed up, especially on the top which is a bummer because it is such a good looking case.

Sort of hazy, swirly, fine scratchy marks and a nick or two around the edges of the case where the underlying silver shows through the black.

Like a black sports car, it can look very beautiful but unfortunately shows every mark and speck of dust.

Would anyone know how to restore the knicks and the lustre of the case without major expense or hassle?

Thank you very much.
Get a black magic marker(make sure its black and not purple)
and some WD40 or Duralube lightly touch the siver spots with the marker, let dry, hit with a little duralube, wipe off, and you would be very hard pressed to ever tell it was there. Bigger jobs I use a mini air brush. but that gets pretty complicated and takes a little practice. I have sometimes had some luck with "scratch away" stuff they sell for use on cars, but they have to be very light scratches for it to work. Great tuner, enjoy.
Jvia, you didn't mention what the WD40 is for and what does the Duralube do?
I would take the cover off, clean it thoroughly, then use a flat black spray paint. Shake the can constantly, use even deliberate passes with the spray paint. Stop every three passes and run the tip under some water to clean it. Four or five light coats, with three hours dry time bewtween coats and it looks perfect!
Sorry, I then rub the SD 40 or the Duralube over it, helps it to blend in. Usually I will lightly rub the whole surface in it,the oils tend to even splotches and such out.