Yet another Qobuz vs. Tidal debate

I'm not convinced that I'm getting "CD Quality" from either service even though I've paid a premium for it.  In terms of the catalog, Tidal has Qobuz beat hands down.  Not even close IMO.  I like the user interface a little more with Tidal.  Similar artists populate right under the album listings.  However, Tidal is expensive when compared to Qobuz, if you're a long term subscriber. With Qobuz I received a considerable discount with a 1 year subscription.  I was paying $24 month (with taxes inc) for Tidal and that was a year ago. It's probably gone up from that. $300 a year buys a lot of CD's (especially when I usually buy mine used).  Has anyone else been as disillusioned as I am?     
Interesting. I have found holes in both catalogues, not one more than the other, although Qobuz is a little better on classical while Tidal is better on jazz.  Both have also "disappeared" titles that I favorited.  Qobuz didn't have any Joey Alexander albums until did.  

I like the hi-rez options on Qobuz, far more numerous than MQA on tidal, and MQA is a licensing grab.

I have noticed Qobuz has been a little worse on dropouts, but it's hard to tell if that's my internet connection or them.  I ran into one badly corrupted file on Qobuz, which hasn't happened on Tidal.
I tried Qobuz for a monthly free trial and then stayed with Tidal. I may revisit Qobuz in the future as I liked the sound quality and the selection was ok for me. Two deal breakers were the  inability to organize my album list by artist and frequent drop outs or failure to connect on "downloaded" (on iPhone) albums usb connected in my car, when Tidal never had either of those issues.
Tidal with Roon sounds a tad better than CDs in my rig.  It all comes down to your gear on this one. Need a good streamer like Innuos.   
I can defiantly tell the difference with Tidal on the HIFi and master files. Master files are quite good if i do say so. Never tried Qobuz though. But I have noticed quite a few albums I used to listen to on Tidal are now no longer available. makes me wonder is Tidal going down ? I cant be bothered with CD's anymore to be honest.
Ahofer, I listen mostly to Jazz and electronic music so Tidal seems to have the edge there.  Grannyring, I'm using the Sonore Ultrarendu for streaming.  I will look into Roon but last time I looked it was fairly pricey. 
I'm staying with Qobuz Hires since I listen mainly to classical and the quality is excellent. And new titles are being added every day including historic and rare classical recordings. For other genres Tidal has them beat.

Qobuz also has a pretty deep catalogue of British alternative/new wave recordings. Not surprising, since the service started in Europe and the UK.

The dropouts on Qobuz usually depends on the streamer you are using. I went thru this with my Bluesound Node2i; dropouts and long periods of buffering. Contacted Bluesound and was assigned a tech who worked with me to solve the problem.

If you've dropped Qobuz for Tidal, remember that they are a new service, so give them time.

I was using both but settled on Qobuz simply for its superior SQ.
I found its hirez much better than MQA and you do not need a MQA capable DAC.

Sure there are gaping holes in it's catalog but there is still more music than I can ever dream of listening to in my lifetime.
No dropouts for me at home but I run wired connection not wireless.

+1 for Qobuz...the high res files are tops.

I'm hopeful they'll upgrade the slightly quirky interface...but the sound is worth the small inconveniences. 
I'm trying Qobuz. I too like the SQ over Tidal, but on my home computer it's not letting me utilize my external speakers. And it tends to drop music when in the car. Sounds great on my home set up though
I'm trying Qobuz. I too like the SQ over Tidal, but on my home computer it's not letting me utilize my external speakers. And it tends to drop music when in the car. Sounds great on my home set up though
If you're using the web player make sure you have your speakers (or DAC) selected as the output device.  If you're using the Qobuz app in the bottom right corner there's an icon next to the volume slider that lets you select your speakers.
Ha! Thank you big_greg. I'm pretty technically challenged. Appreciate your tip!