Yet another power cord question...

Hi Gonners,

First of all, I've been reading the forum archives for hours and I only got to mid-October, so forgive me if this was covered before.

I'm looking for a power cord to upgrade from the stock cord on yet another Audio Refinement complete integrated. I am using low end Harmonic Technology speaker cables and interconnects, so naturally have considered the Pro Ac 11. However I've heard a lot of great things about the Absolute PC and the diycable Asylum cord, which are cheaper.

My question is, is it worth the extra $$$ for the "system synergy" of all HT stuff, or would I be better off with one of the cheaper cords, and if so is there a recommendation? If I'm going to spend the $120 or so on the HT cord is there a better choice at that price range?

My AC is probably as dirty as it gets (Santa Fe NM house built and wired in the 60's which is like the 1800's by standards of the rest of the country). I'm looking for a lowered noise floor and any help in the bass slam/definition dept. which I can reasonably expect without buying one of those $500 firehose style cords...

Any feedback is appreciated.
Hi Jfacker,
The lesser expensive power cords you mentioned are good however they will not give you the bass extension you desire. To achieve that I personally recommend the BMI Whale Elite that can be purchased on this site. For the purchase price (depending on length needed) you will be getting a power cord equalivant to other manufactures $1000-$2000 power cords, for a fraction of the cost.
I also recommend if you have not done so yet run one or more 20 amp dedicated lines using #10 wire this should also help GREATLY!
The Assylum cord is all you will ever need.
Hi Jfacker,
Consider the Voodoo Mana or Mojo from and also the ones from Virtual Dynamic of www.!
I have the Voodoo Mana and it is worth the price I paid during an auction for $150! It is 8awg and well made! I have an order for the ones from Virtual Dynamics but have spoken to a couple of guys who say that the cords are very good! Their power cords are on introductory offer now, so the prices are real great! One chap tried their Basic Power cord for $29.95 ( original $100 ) and he said that it was on par with the more expensive Cardas Golden power cord!
All the best!
I agree with Lak on the dedicated circuit. I had this done in my house, and it's REALLY effective, and affordable. Like Lak says, go for the 20 AMP circuit, even though it's more than is needed for your current amplifier. It won't cost much more than 15 AMP, and who knows, you might want to use a bigger amplifier someday.

I also think that adding a modest, but useful, power filter like the Chang 3200 is a good idea. I do not believe in spending $ on power cords, so I'd leave that up to your personal feelings on the topic. If you really want to include an after-market power cord in this power upgrade scheme, the absolute most I'd spend is $50 for a used Cardas Twinlink. Be sure it's factory-terminated (not DIY), as it's cheap, they do a terrific job, and they use decent quality connectors.

The circuit and filter should be a cheap and BIG improvement. Like Lak mentioned, be sure to ask for 10 gauge wire for the circuit, and have the electrician use a quality "hospital-grade" wall outlet.
If the wiring is as bad as you say it is, spend your money on a few high quality dedicated lines into the area where your kit is located. Will cost FAR less than the expensive AC cords, will improve EVERY part of your system (not just the ones with an upgraded cord) and will surely lower the noise floor. Search the archives at audioasylum to find out exactly which Romex style cable is best for this application, and hire an electrician who will do EXACTLY what you describe (or do it yourself...but not recommended if you have no/little experience working with breaker boxes). Be sure to top it off with Acme Silver plated outlets. You'll be amazed by the difference. THEN, if you desire, get a few Asylum cords. You won't be disappointed.
A move close to the power plant is the only true fix to the ac problem. No power cord presently on the market will be long enough to go from your equipment to the power plant. Please investigate this solution, this is not a put on. The way the electricity is generated should also be looked into: hydroelectricity gives the most liquid, analogue sound yet; coal powered stations tend to give a hotter sound with less micro-dynamics, sort of like a smog between you and the music; the worst is nuclear, as the glow of the fuel rods may lead one to believe that it is the most tube-like, when in fact it was designed by Bob Carver to give you that impresson without actually bringing you the benefits of bottles. I also recomend a good quality air-freshener in the sound room. As you know, music is created by moving the air in the room, fresh smelling air sounds way better. If you wish, I can give you pointers as to what scents are best with what music and equipment. Although overwhelming and quite expensive, French perfume is the best for use with such components as JM Labs speakers,(especialy Utopias, Aero Capitole and all French manufactured products. Because of budget constraints, my Canadian Brystons truly benefit from a pine scented dodorizer available at all good Wal-Marts. In closing, Québce made electricity is the best as it is generated from cold water and the cabling running thousands of miles from Manic 5 (check your map) to the Montreal area and into my home remains cool because of our winters for most of the year (July and August are difficult, I admit, but the folks at Hydro-Québec are working in this. At this stage I limit my listening in those months to Sibelius).
Put in a dedicated 20A line with an FIM outlet and a
Custom Power Cord Company Model 11 cord for about $250
and 50 for the FIM outlet. You will not be sorry.
If you've only gotten to Oct, you may not have read my earlier post. I bought an AR Complete amp in Sept. I use Harmonic Tech interconnects on my dac. The stock cord that came with my ARC was unshielded and was degrading my tuner performance so it had to go. Many power cords will not fit thru the holes in my cabinet (I use real furniture) and I did not feel like drilling larger ones right now, which eliminated some cord choices. The absolute cord is tempting but their right of return requires that you use them throughout your system. I ended up getting a Volex 14 gauge cord which I believe is the cord that is used to make the asylum cord. Volex is the same cord that Belden use to make. I can't say that I realized a huge sonic benefit but radio interference went away. It certainly did no harm sonically (which is the first rule of upgrading), maybe a slight increase in bass response and midrange smoothness, but these were slight changes. I may try some other cords eventually, but I think there are better ways to spend your upgrade dollars. The Harmonic Tech interconnects and Ensemble Digital cable I use, effected larger improvements than the Volex power cord. I already have a dedicated ac circuit for my system and I am using Counterpoint power conditioners.
How do you like the Harmonic Tech Speaker cables?