Yet Another Post About Power Conditioners!

OK, OK, so I know there are eleventy billion posts about what power conditioners are better than others. I've read them all...yes, all eleventy billion! But, I am still wondering which one I should chose.

Here's the backdrop: I have four dedicated, 20-amp outlets. There's a bunch of noise on them. So bad I can hear a local hip hop station clearly playing through my Greenwave Dirty Noise Filter w/speaker. I use an assortment of very high-end, and expensive power cables,. I use very expensive, high-end outlets. My system consists of a Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck, a PS Audio GCHP phone stage, an AudioLab 6000CDT transport, a Burson Audio 3x Reference headphone amp, and Focal Clear headphones. Everything is connected with really good interconnects, most of which are balanced. Having downsized from a much larger, much more power system, these nuggets suit my current needs just fine.

Still that AC noise. Given the size of my system, it's silly to spend mega-bucks on a regenerator, or the expensive balanced isolation transformer PCs. Based on my research, I've narrowed my choices to these in the $1500 and under price range:

Furman Elite 15 or 20 PFi (used)
AudioQuest Niagara 1200
PS Audio Dectect
Core Power Equi=Core 1000 or 1800 (no return policy, ugh)
Shunyata Hydra 8 (used)
Decware ZLC (10-12 month wait, ugh)
NuPrime Pure AC-4
Toroid BTE500E or 1000E Balanced Transformer
Tripplite ISO500 or 500HG Isolation Transformer
Torus TOT Mini Balanced Transformer

Yes, that's an extensive list, but my search reveals these are the top choices by many folks, as well as a few, little-known contenders.

If you have actual experience with any of these--and have compared them to other PCs, your opinion or recommendations would be appreciated greatly. You're welcome to suggest others, too, if you've done hands-on comparisons.

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The Venom V16 is their entry level power conditioner. It will have 16 outlets. This is the direct link

For the Delta D6
It will only have 6 outlets but more tech

When looking at this one read the sections about 
- NICTechnology
- GP-NR Noise Reduction
- The ZR-71 outlets - built by Hubble to a Shunyata design

These will be some of the main differences beyond price which is $1,998 vs. $3,250. I thought the V16 might be a mild stretch to your budget and offers 16 outlets compared to many of the other options.The D6 is sort of a baby Denali 6000 and more than your would want to spend. But use it for a comparison of the technologies. 

One more bit of advice. Buy it once rather than buy something, sell it, take a loss, and upgrade to something else. If you are able, stretch a little so the gear can last your a very long time rather than getting the urge to replace sooner or have buyers regret. But do keep the budget reasonable for you.

You hear a hip hop radio station playing? I bet that was pun intended ... I can’t imagine your amp has a hidden AM/FM receiver built in. :)

Is it proven as a fact that the ’lousy’ mains cabling in you house is the source of the interference, or is that still an assumption? Mains cabling is lousy in any house ... long unshielded copper wires in a plastic tube.

Do you still hear it with all cables unplugged but for the speakers? Do you hear it with your headphones?

It could be a costly mistake if after installing a PC the problem isn’t gone. I'd try to get one with a money back guarantee. Unless of course you like to expand your setup with a PC anyhow.
@ rudyb

The Entech Broadband Noise Analyzer picks up the AM radio station.