Yet another contender for my Klyne 6PE: ARC PH5

still interested in a new phonostage, I bumped in a preowned ARC PH5.
would it better my Klyne 6PE ? if so, under which respects ?

rest of my amplification is ARC LS25/II + ARC 100.2

another question: I see PH5 has a single gain value of 57.5db (if I don't go wrong): would it be a good match with my Lyra Delos ? I think it would, but then again: what if I change cartridge ? I mean: what 'kind' of cartridge should I go for ? medium output MC only ?
that gain looks to low (to me, at least) for a very low output MC and maybe too high for a HO MC or a MM. am I wrong ?

thanks, ciao
"still interested in a new phonostage, I bumped in a preowned ARC PH5.
would it better my Klyne 6PE ? if so, under which respects ?"

I'd like to know myself. Since you have both preamps to compare, maybe you could listen to them and post some comments.

"that gain looks to low (to me, at least) for a very low output MC and maybe too high for a HO MC or a MM. am I wrong ?"

Use either a high output MC or a MM cart. If you want to use your Lyra you'll need to get a head amp.
Well, the Klyne has much more cartridge settings and much more gain settings. You can use nearly all cartridges with it. The gain from the PH5 is ok for the Delos, but also important is the gain from the output stage PH5 into the Preamplifier. When it is strong, you have a good amplification even with 57.5dB.
The Delos is in general a very good cartridge, but when you will stay with the PH5, "cartridge rolling" is limited (>o.5mV output)
Finally it is your decision what you prefer sonically.
A headamp ? What do you mean ?
I know by experience that 57-58 db is almost right for the Deloa.
I beg your pardon but I can't get your point (my fault).
Moreover: I don't have both, I have the Klyne and have the chance of buying a preowned ARC PH5.
I would not ask for comments otherwise.
"I bumped in a preowned ARC PH5."

It kind of sounds like you bumped one into your system. I don't know you meant something else. Your Delos is 6mv. That's a low output cart. The PH5 isn't made for such a low output cart. You should use a HOMC or a MM. Head amp= SUT, sorry. The ARC is fairly entry level component. If you are going to use a tube phono stage with a low output cart, it needs to be something really good. The Kline you have now is a much better match for the Delos.
Delos, did you mean to write "0.6mV"? I think so. Even that is sort of medium low output.
I did mean .6 It was just a typo.

" "Gain is 57.5dB.... Audio Research expects that your line stage will provide additional gain, so forget about using the PH5 with a low-output cartridge and a passive line stage."

Here's a link to the full review.
Have a look at this one, as well.
thenks Zd542: my fault, I sure used a wrong word, sorry (English is not my mother tongue). :)
Get a Herron. I have a Delos and they are a stellar match.
While you're at it, you might contact Stan Klyne. He still does upgrades and modifications to existing units. I have a 6LX, which is in between a 6LE and a 7 series. Stan did some nice work on my unit to enhance performance. You can even bring your phono section up to 7 series level, if you want to spend some money on it. However, I cannot say how it would stack up against the ARC, except to say that the 7 series phono is liked even by tube aficionados.
@Lewm: I already asked mr Klyne about upgrades (and that woukd be my first choice) but I live in Europe and shipping costs to and fro USA, together with taxes, would cost a sum comparable to that of upgrade itself, which is already not cheap.

@Syntax: I don't have tha chance to compare the two phono stages

@Analogluvr: don't know if Herron is imported here in Italy, I must confess I never heard about them out of... Audiogon. I will check.
Daniele, There's a Klyne 7PX right now for sale on US eBay. Comes from an apparently reliable seller in the Far East, 220V. Shipping to Italy would probably be cheaper than shipping to US.
thanks, Lewm, but I can't seem to find it on ebay...
do you have a link, please ?
thanks a lot

Agree with the Herron choice. I have a VTPH-2, plenty of gain, spectacular performer. I have not heard anything better, not heard anything as good.
I went to visit the Herron site: as I don't see any international dealer listed (if I didn't miss it), I guess they are to be ordered directly from Herron.
moreover, I saw their phono retail price is around 3600$: much, much more than my budget... :(
DAniele - Contact Herron (Keith Herron) and ask about used units, even a VTPH-1. I have not heard ANY ARC phono stage that bests Herron phono stages.
Daniele, See the link above for the Klyne on eBay.
thanks, I've seen the Klyne on ebay -too expensive :( - and I guess Herron would be too expensive as well, even used. you must consider that shipping cost from USA are very high and then there are taxes and so on, it is generally about 25-30% more than price. so a 2000$ piece could easily cost 2700$...

dealing with overseas product I often read about K&K but I could not find a site to look for informations. do you have a link or whatever ?
I guess they are very expensive too, aren't they ?
Daniele, Note that the Klyne 7PX is located in the Far East. Thus there is no problem with high shipping costs from the US to Italy, if that helps.

K&K Audio. Using Google or any typical search engine, you should be able to find it. I use several of their kits in my DIY modifications of existing equipment, and the owner, Kevin Carter, is very very helpful and courteous (especially considering all the questions he answers probably on a daily basis). However, you may find that his top of the line phono stage is more than $2000, even as a complete kit. You can buy a partial kit, wherein you supply your own chassis, etc, for much less however. Then too, you may save on taxes or customs if you buy a kit rather than an assembled unit. I have actually had an eye on the K&K Maxx phono stage for quite some time. I would bet it's superb.

Here's the URL:
The Klyne MC stage The Sk-2 is legendary. I have a modified 5a and it is kick ass.