Yet another call for more Sale catagories...

I know there have been several suggested changes and additions in the past regarding the For Sale catagories, not all of which have been chosen to be implemented, but here are a couple more subheadings I feel should be provided (sorry if either are redundant to previously suggested ideas):

1) Under "Analog", there should be a subheading for phonostages (this would be for standalone units, instead of lumping them in with all preamps).

2) Under "Miscellaneous", there should be a subheading for recorders (this would be for all analog and digital tape and disk devices).

Also, if the subwoofers are going to be grouped together under Home Theater (debatable but understandable), why shouldn't there be a subheading here for center channels and surrounds? And I still think digital IC's should get their own subheading under either Digital or Cables...
There is an amp section and pre-amp section but no fir integrated ones...
I second these recommendations, particularly the phonostage and digital IC.
Excellent thought, Zaike, I second this! Cheers,
Marakanetz, I agree completely about the integrated amp question, and did think of this, but believe it's already been suggested and debated - I could be mistaken in that assumption, however. The way things are organized right now, the tube/SS division takes precedence over the integrated/stereo/monoblock question, with the exception of multi-channel amps.
I agree with the Integrated Amp suggestion.

I was recently in the market for one (went with Rowland, btw) and there was no way to see all of the integrateds available in one search. In fact, the only way to be sure that you were seeing all that is available is to go through each amp section one by one!

Searching off the word "integrated" brought up a pretty substantial list, but not all advertisers include that word in their descriptions. Some just put brand and model. It was a pain.

I would really love to see this category entered into the system (one under tube and one under SS would be ideal).
I would like a separate catagory in the Software section for Classical LPs. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in there.
I would like to see the following categoties added:

digital cables [hard to pick out the digital cables from the other cables]

integrated amp [more than enough folks sell em here]

receiver [enough folks sell em here]

digital preamp [this is effectively a DAC with a built in volume control]

Another useful division, would be to add an ability to sort an area by price.
Now they are sorted only by date.
Currently one may look by type of equipment category, or one may use the search to seek one manufacturer. I would like to be able to sort by price in each catagory
Tok20000, there is currently a section for Receivers under Miscellaneous.
Another cool thing to have would be a 'blind' e-mail request if a selected product became available.
An interested buyer would be able to have a secret request for an item, and when the exact item became listed, an e-mail would be sent to the interested party. (a fee could be charged for this?)
Such a thing is on a computer site, and it is COOL. If you post a 'blind' request, it is held in the system, and if anyone posts the item for sale, you get an e-mail message. You could perhaps add some notation to the sellers ad that (x number) of prerequested blind emails were sent? To let other browsers know to hurry if they want the item.
(the negative side of this is then folks won't browse as much, but some wanted stuff would find interested buyers fast, and it could make the site owners a bit more cash. have the same sort of fees as posting ads)
More: also, a blind e-mail setting might be able to let sellers (at the time of posting) know that several buyers are looking for the product, and allow them to change the ad to an auction! Woohoo!