Yet another balanced/XLR cable reco "?" $200

Been using Zu Oxyfuel RCA ICs between my Phono stage (Moon LP5.3) and Classé CAP-150 but want to try out XLR cable within $200 new or used. I am looking at the usual suspects in that price range - Signal Cable, Blue Jeans, Kimber Hero, Audio Art IC-3..

I lean more towards the warm side of neutral, but a transparent balanced sound is also appreciated. Any suggestions so I can make my foray into the XLR/balanced world ?
Try Kimber's Hero or Silver Streak, and I'll bet you never use Zu again. Transparent and overall balance/realism- YES, and it just gets better as you move up the product line.
Anti Cable XLR very good for money. Flexible, light, no break in
have you looked into verastarr or mapleaudio? Both have great reviews and can be had for a reasonable price direct from them?
Silver does not equal "warm side of neutral"... you'd be better off sticking with copper or perhaps some gold.