Yet another Amp recommendation needed

I'm in need of a recommendation for a SS amplifier for my office system. I'm thinking either a PS Audio Stellar S300 or a Parasound A23 Halo. Other gear in my office rig include:

Audio Research SP-9 Mk. III preamp
ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 speakers

I'll probably good with either amp, but any of you out there have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
The lower line from Elac are said to be warm or dark sounding, but I haven’t heard about your model.  If the Sound is similar then Parasound might not be the best match as their house sound is warm as well.

I knew somebody that went from the A23 to the Stellar 300.  The PS Audio Stellar is a Class D amp with a Class A input stage.  The A23 is a Class A/AB amp also with a Class A input stage (I believe).  The feedback I got was that the Parasound was very warm and inviting sounding, but the PS audio had more attack and clarity.  I guess it really depends what your looking for.  Both could be good choices.
I echo what auxinput said -- it really depends on what you're looking for and, I'll add, your budget. 

Price wise....the previous post with Nuforce STA200 is a great amp but only RCA's.  S300 I believe is the best sounding choice out of all three choices mentioned.  I have all three and looking to sell my Parasound Halo A23(black).