Yes,another DAC question

I've recently got back into listening to my Redbook CD collection. My current digital front end is the Triode Tube CD player as a transport($2200) feeding thru
W4S DAC-1 with upgraded Caps.($1050). Very happy with overall sound but my question is, will upgrading to a higher-end DAC make sense or scrap both and get a better CD player(without separate DAC) I listen to mostly female vocals,acoustic guitar/piano, country folk,and some 70's music. Looking to spend no more than $10,000. I really want to take my system to another level.
My system:
Vandersteen 5A speakers
Pass labs X250.5 amp
Pass labs XP-10 preamp
Triode TRV-CD4Se tube CD player($2200)
W4S DAC-1($1050)
Mix of Nordost and Acoustic Zen cabling
Some high-end DACs I have some interest in if I go that route is, Bricasti M1,
EMM labs DAC-2 and the dcs debussy DAC.
Lol. Spend half of that on a computer/dac combo and get better sound than any cdp, and give the rest to feed the homeless.
Check out the well reviewed Ayon CD5s, can be had in your price range. Is computer ready and has transport, DAC and preamp all in one, making for a cleaner signal path.
You already have a great tube Tri CD player. I'll probably try upgrading the caps and 12AU7 tube of the Tri CDP first. Although I have not used any DAC with my system.
The most important thing in any digital audio system is the master clock and the jitter of that. Therefore, I recommend you replace your Transport or reclock it with a good reclocker with a low-jitter master clock in it. Reclocking will probably beat even the best transports. The W4S is fine.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
>I really want to take my system to another level.<

Buy a turntable......