Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.




Guys like Artemus and clearthinker can’t ruin anything unless you let them. The topic of the thread was basically the perceived tube problem isnt really a problem. Someone posts an anti BLM comment. We can react or we can keep on moving. Clearthinker decides to pick on a typo in one of my posts because…well, he probably thinks I was criticizing his Team. Whatever….slowing down for stupid isnt productive so lets just keep on moving.


So, the tube and baby formula supply chain issues will get worked out.


Do you want everyone dead who disagrees with you? Yer a child with a child’s brain.

Fellows I'll leave you to your unhappy selves, If I hang around you guys will go into convulsions. The reason is The liberal/progressive (Regressive) argument CANNOT win the debate on the merits of their ideas. Just as the lefties  on the  Outside Asylum couldn't. The same with the CANCEL culture. You MUST shutdown debate. That is why you are unhappy most of the time

I suggest that you actually read a scholarly effort. Try "Grant" by Ron Chernow. Think about the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the constitution that were enacted under Grant's time in office. Think about the facts. Now think what has been dismantled by the supreme court since that time.

Then think about your comment "...The liberal/progressive (Regressive) argument CANNOT win the debate on the merits of their ideas..." 


@mahgister least, in the subtitles, which would make for a very long evening transcribing into Google Xslate... ;)

I remember a bus trip from Houston to FL in which the onboard entertainment was a series of Chinese soap operas.  Spouse and I started to make up our own dialogs....

"What do you mean?!  You actually microwaved the cat??  You Fiend!"

"Well, Pixie jumped in, all by herself, so...."

One can only infer so much.... ;)

Best back 'atcha, J *G*

@nonoise .....I refuse to stand by, dammit....give me the clicker...*snatch* porn shows....everybody likes food.... ;)

"...serve in the dark naked, and garnish with ground glass.."

Well, maybe not this show...🙄

Too many of the 'long form' forums drift into politics that ignore the premise that most live in a country that upholds the concept of 'common ground for the common good'.  Nobody get Everything they want, but agrees to accept a common denominator, as low as it may be....

One side claims the other eats babies, while the retort is pervert drug-induced teen group grope sexcapades....😬

Meanwhile, in a state I was more than happy to depart from, the guv bitches that the citizens don't buy enough guns just before a drop-out punk unloads a clip into a classroom of little kids and teachers.

I have no problems with reasonable people of either spectrum; L v. R., pro v. no, all that...  But wasn't the concept of 'majority rules', even if the total is 50.0001%?

Everyone's sick 'n tired of being sick 'n tired....esp. here, which I thought we come here to escape all that for awhile...

*kicks soap box aside*

I don't fear brains.

The lack of, Yes.

Get a common grip, J