Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.



i usually don’t involve myself in internet arguments these days. It’s wasted energy with little reward. 

I work in healthcare and have to see the impact of this shortage on parents  everyday right now.. The dismissal of it as no big deal is detached from reality. 

That being said, even though there is vehement disagreement on this thread I certainly don’t think anyone is evil or acting malicious. 

Providing care for others in need is a valuable service.  Hats off to all!

I cannot resist...

@mapman We all know what is good versus evil right? Telling the truth is good. Lying is evil. Spreading lies is among the worst things you can do. Also cheating and degrading or harming others. Not to mention an untamed ego....

Unfortunately, study after study indicates that people use the internet to bond with  their tribe and not to learn. Moronic behavior.

If that many people are in trouble because they cannot get formula, then maybe we should have kept part of the republican tax give away a couple of years ago to support social programs or, better yet, actually try to solve what caused the social network to exist in the first place.

Stock buybacks make the rich there is no hunger problems for those folks. Can you say US senators with no term limits?

Sorry if I offended anybody.

And are a lack of Russian tubes that big a deal - I mean are they really that good?

Sorry, again.


I'm not exactly sure about why you posted that old video of Joe Biden speaking to a man in senate chambers, and it's not important, but I find it truly striking how much more mentally capable he obviously was at that time, and it is just frightening to compare that with his speech and behavior now, and to realize that no matter what your party affiliation, you must see that our president is clearly suffering from clinical dementia. He will never be healthy enough for a second term. 

We need to stop nominating, electing and re-electing old people who would be long retired anywhere else. Applies to all parties. We need smart young talent not over the hill “ billionaire” dinosaurs. Get the best not the lowest common denominator that sets the lowest bar possible.