Yellow Brick Road Vinyl Reissues Issues

There are 2 Reissues of this Elton John masterpiece, one by Universal ($24.99), the other by Speakers Corner($59.99) available from SoundStageDirect.
I found the Universal version to be, well...disappointing compared to my original copy.
I was expecting something better. Has anyone heard the (other) Speakers Corner version or have opinions on either?
I have an older audiophile DJM reissue. I believe it still may be in print. Maybe it is the Speakers Corner one, if it was released some time ago. Like I said, it is an older reissue. The sound is very good, but not audiophile material for sure. Haven't heard the new Universal pressing, so I can't be of much help there.
What was wrong with the original pressing? It sounds great on my system. I like the idea of the whole Elton John Band with Ken Scott and everyone there going over the final mix. I usually don't like remastered stuff, and once it's been digitized, you might as well just toss it in the garbage.

Take care of you nice original pressing, and it will last a lifetime.