Yeah baby....I found a mate

for my first Berning EA-230 I can run them in mono at 60 triode watts a pop..bummer one is silver and the otehr black faced/

just sharin'
Congrats! I like your system. Curious, what 6SN7 do you run in them?

If you want matching faceplates, you could try contacting David:

David Berning Co., 12430 McCrossin Lane, Potomac, MD, 20854. Phone: 301-926-3371

Or, you could place a "wanted" ad here.

Happy listening.
Thanks Creeper...

I currently have a pair of Odyssey Audio Loreleis speakers which need a bit more juice, thats why i looked for the second amp.

You system aint half bad as well..:-)
Ach! another Tannoy DMT user! glad to see them in your system. I have the DMT-10s myself.
Aren't they just excellent speakers? probably out-do most other speakers in the market, n'cest pas?
Bombay.I actually sold the Tannoy's quite awhile ago...I am holding out for some DMT 15's with the paper cones...
David Berning does have some silver faceplates...good deal!! he always answers his emails withing 24 hrs.
Jsujo, good deal! I was about to write the same - sell the DMT-12 & get the DMT-15. seems like you had the same idea well before me!!
That's what I found - if you want a speaker for a medium size rm go for the DMT-10. If you want one for a much bigger room, skip the -12 & buy the -15 directly.
Will cost you! but it's worth the wait & money. Good luck!
Creeper.. i forgot to answer you tube question.

I have Telefunke 12AT7'a (not the $$$$$$ kind), the 6SN7's are Tung Sol or Raytheons, the 6JN6's are RCA's.

The Raytheons do one hell of a job!
Ironic, as I just purchased a pair of Raytheon 6SN7-GTB to try in the input stage of my monos.

Silver twins that sound as lovely as they look, perfect.

If memory serves, the Tannoys are bi-wireable. You should consider experimenting with horizontal and vertical bi-amping as well. Lots of options having the pair now.
having some trouble with the second amp I just got...This amp was modified by adding a volume knob, with a tube driven line preamp inside,,,very weird...and I am getting a hum which I suspect is related to that addition.
My first guess would be that a tube was jossled and damaged in transit. Try swapping the tubes from the good one into the new one and see if the hum goes away. If not, contact David again. Chances are he did the preamp mod himself. He'll know what's going on.

Good luck and keep us informed. When you get it figured out, I'm sure you'll be happy with the purchase. I've always been impressed by David's designs.
Thanks, I emailed him with some pictures...I am waiting for his response..
I'd disagree, as does the Tannoy distributor i've dealt with-DMT 12s fill up a room nicely-nicely sized footprint and more than enough bass. 15s are nice but the bigger drivers also mean slower response and greater overhang.
Give me a break, Slower response?...I would figure that an educated speaker guy from Tannoy would be ahead of such "folklore"...or is it the speaker fairies?
Yes genius, that's right. Free advice from someone who knows as well as a Tannoy dealer who knows better than you. Very doubtful that more bass than the 12s throw out's necessary unless you're reliving your teen metal phase, but if more's needed just throw in a sub.
Actually Tannoy and other companies should have followed the B&W example and used multiple moderate-sized drivers on their larger speakers rather than a single or double 15", precisely so as to avoid this.

B & W noticed the same laws of physics that you didn't pick up on and went with smaller drivers.
Are you sure B & W didn't go with multiple smaller drivers to avoid massive cabinets? Compare the cabinets of the 801 Matrix and Nautilus iterations.
Analogbass,,,I think you are just better versed in the old fashioned folkore...there is more to this issue of just a driver having more mass....
Some good info in this white paper.
Jack, you know as well as the rest of us that analogbass will completely ignore real physics in lieu of some subjective psuedo-science with unprovable claims of sonic superiority.
I have the 15 dmt II 's slow is not a word that would describe the bass. Far from it and from the sound of it your Tannoy dealer is full of it or has never heard them.
I don't know if anyone here cares or not but........I thought that I shld add my 2 cents worth in a hope to provide some info & maybe even try to resolve what seems to be a minor tiff:

if you read "Analogbass" orig post of 7/17/05 where he mentions "greater overhang" & substitute "Greater bass boom" instead then I find that his statement does seem a little more credible. The "slower response" bit I DISAGREE with as well so we all are in agreement w/ that (& seemingly against Analogbass).
I *think* that what Analogbass is trying to say is that if you put a DMT-15 in a smaller room it is most likely to be ill-suited & that it will provide too much bass thus greater bass boom. IOW, the DMT-15 is likely to ill-couple to the room acoustics to provide a worse-off sound than a DMT-12 that might be better suited to a smaller room.
From my personal experience I have a DMT-10 in a 16'X16'X10' room & I often have to use foam plugs to contain the bass that I feel is too much & I'm using a 60W/ch integrated tube amp.
The transient response of all the DMT series II speakers has never been in question - they are all very fast.
(Just BTW, I personally prefer the DMT-15 sound 'cuz of its paper cone rather than the plastic cones of the DMT-6->12. However, there is something to be said for the right size speaker for the right size room).