Yba1a versus Dodson or simular quality

Hi everyone just wondering what anyone though on upgrading .I curently have an Active linn kabers with nbs(mini-serpent11)cables and an older Yba alpha cd2 player what would be my best source? as I'am quite happy with everything else
Not surprisingly, the YBA1 *is* better than yr 2a. BUT, are you dissatisfied with your cdp? Your pre? What aspects of the sound?
Anyway, the resolution and musicality of the 1 is superior to the 2, as I experienced the difference at a friend's system. You can upgrade yr 2 to 1 status, apparently.

Pls note that I listen to, and thereby judge by, classical; the rest of said system is YBA->YBA->Sonus Faber.

Sorry, don't know the Dodson!
Hi Gregm I have the orginal yba2 not the 2a so I presume that there is a BIG difference in sound in the 1a versus what I have now and yes I can upgrade for about 2500 and my pre is a Linn Karin about 93yr.Haven't listened to anything else as yet,I live in a very remote area makes things diffucult to audition..My main concern is muscality then detail resolution and then sound staging .I listen to classial folk and voice..thanks for replying ken
I have had a YBA 3 and 2 alpha, I am now using a YBA 2-delta which in my sytem outperformed the old 1a.
I am in the process of going pack to vinyl because I miss the emotional involvement the vinyl gave me.
Kg, you may be served by upgrading the Kairn's power supply to latest specs ("brilliant" I think it's called). There's a slight improvement in resolution. Also try different PC's on the Kairn and the Kabers (if you haven't already): I had found that an aftermarket PC on the Kairn opened the soundstage a bit -- even a top quality, multi-shielded Belden.
Last, check the support for the Kairn

As to musicality... do you have another source you can try? Just to determine the *relative* effects of the YBA + Kairn combination.Good luck!