YBA YA201 enough to drive Vandersteen 2ce

YBA YA201 (100watts/8ohm) enough to drive Vandersteen 2ce (6ohm) or Magnepan MMG (4ohm) to moderate listening levels in moderate size open living room/dining room/kitchen with vaulted ceiling?What I have now is written below. Still getting some harshness on vocals? Especially pop recordings with female voice. Would the amp be the place to fix this? Any other suggestions? Looking to keep it simple with an integrated, but would consider seperates. Must have remote source switching, volume, and mute. I love songs, not audio equipment. I want to be able to enjoy my entire audio collection, not just the well recorded stuff. Am I on the right track for a forgiving system?

Audience aR1p Adept Response single outlet line filter>Wiremold L10320 Power Strip>ALAC streamed from Itunes (PC)>cat5e>Apple TV (previous version)>Wireworld Supernova 6 Toslink>Monarchy DIP (original)>Blue Jean Belden 1694A Coaxial 3ft RCA>Tube Audio Design TADAC with stock tubes>Monster Interconnects>Arcam AVR300 (direct stereo) 100 watts/channel biamped (200watts/speaker)> Moster speaker cable bundles>Vandereteen 2Ce Signatures (also have a pair of Magnepan MMGs).
Hi - in short, I would definitely consider the YB201! The Vandersteen, IMHO, would be the better fit and would yield excellent results. I have no experience w/ the MMG but, based on all that I have read and heard, believe the YB201 would certainly not be a mis-match - especially at moderate listening levels.

I have owned pretty much all the <$1000 [used] integrated usual-suspects and think the YB201 to be a top-quality, good looking, great sounding, very flexible unit. I still own it and won't be selling it soon. Currently driving 4 ohm speakers in a medium-sized room.

I've seen several up for sale recently and acknowledge that the YB201 seems to suffer from obscurity even though it was well-reviewed when it was released. The recent listings seem to just sit and you may not be able to easily re-sell it if you end up not liking it. Me...I took the chance and am very pleased.

Other thoughts - your room should be a consideration (will it benefit from some basic treatment?) and, if it were me, I'd consider circumventing the Apple TV. Just my $.02.

You mention source switching as necessary - what are your sources besides digital files in iTunes?

No relation or interest to any current listing or dealer. YMMV.

Good luck!
Only other source is a tivohd for wife and child connected to 35" tube HDTV. What issues exist with the apple TV?
No "issues" per se but, IMHO - if you are using the ATV for just music, you would be better served by going directly to your TADAC. The ATV output is limited to 16/44.1 whereas your DAC can handle higher bit-rate data.

Lots of great discussion regarding ATV at computeraudiophile com > search Apple TV or ATV.

Of course, there are a great many reasons to keep the ATV, too : )
I hang out alot at computeraudiophile also. Lots of conflicting info about apple tv. Some say its high jitter, some say it is not. Some say it would not matter if it was high jitter. I don't know what to think. I had hoped the DIP would remmove jitter as one of the worry areas, don't know. It has improved the SQ of all the other frequencies, but vocal harshness persists. I have used an old luxman cd player in this configuration, and I found the apple tv to sound better. The whole thing is pretty confusing. I've tried many different placements, room treatments and switched out every piece of audio gear, cables and all to try to sniff out this harsh vocal problem and have come up with zero success. The CD player possessed the harshness also. At this point in my life I would like to just set it and forget it, but it is not working out that way. Was also looking at the Bada DC-222 at PAcific valve, wondering if tubes in the preamp would soften this harshness. Any experience with this unit?
Sorry, I have no experience with the Pacific Valve unit you mention.

I think you and I have similar preferences regarding treble - relaxed, not overly bright but still transparent enough to get all the music on a recording. Am I close?

I listen primarily to vinyl so that is my reference and preference. My digital solution is iTunes (all Apple lossless) on a Toshiba Satellite w/ a 500GB ext HD (music only - velcro'd to the lid) > 5m KIMBER - B-BUS HIGH SPEED USB CABLE > PS Audio Digital Link III DAC > YBA 201 > Acoustic Zen Satori > PSB Stratus Goldi. I can't recommend this setup enough - easy, musical, and relatively affordable. The PS Audio DL III has an easy, analog quality that I believe you'd appreciate.

So, long story short - I got here by trial and error (probably more by accident that on purpose!) but am very happy after dealing with some very similar challenges as you have now.

Hope that helps - good luck!