YBA Speakers, does anyone know anything about them

I have YBA amplification and CD player. I love the cables and everything I have ever heard by YBA. I have never heard any of their speakers however. I am currently using Dynaudio and I like them very much but I am always looking to learn more. Any feedback about YBA speakers would be most welcome.
I had a pair, briefly. My dealer ordered them for a customer, the customer backed out, and my dealer had them gathering dust for the longest time. I picked them up cheap and listened to them for a while then sold them to a guy in California. They were kinda like Spica TC60's in appearence and the build quality was about the same (only exception being the binding posts, the YBA's had much better binding posts). Sold and marketed by YBA yet made in Italy, these speakers did not inspire confidence, they really did look a lot like Spicas with a hefty price tag. In terms of sound... a bit laid back, no real bass to speak of, imaged fairly well. In my mind they were worth about $400 and would do nicely in a second system.
I have a speakers YBA minimum "massello" & your sound is the best in my life.
Not is posible imagine a YBA GALA".
YBA cd3 , YBA integre DT "delta", YBA minimum "massello".
YBA speakers are an odd product, as far as I know they are designed by YBA himself, who also selects and supplies the trasductors and the main components of the crossover filters. The whole speaker is actually manufactured by SILCO, the italian distributor of YBA. SILCO is a family run operation that might make a few hundred pairs a year, if that many. I was there and can tell you that it is not more than the workshop of a very gifted but very confused artisan, no industrial structure at all. It took me almost 2 years to receive my sonatas because they guy did not like the new woofers he was getting from France and kept sending them back.

GALA's are very good speakers, especially when paired with 2 of their subwoofers, CONCERTO's are .... well everybody makes mistakes at some point in their life! SONATA's and MINIMUM in their various version (regular MFD cabinet or solid wood cabinet) are YBA answer to the english minimonitors which are always so popular in Europe. Personally I have a pair of SONATA in their latest version (new double coil woofer) and I find them outstanding, I compaired then with LS 3/5 and ProAc Tablettes and still find them the better speakers. To drive them I have YBA CD2, YBA 2DELTA Pre-amp and YBA 3 main amp.

If you want more technical detail on these spaekers you can find it at www.silco.it, it is not the best organized website but has some interesting stuff.
I have had for many years the Yba Sonata and then Yba Concerto
handcrafted by SILCO (Silvano Covelli); very nice the Sonata, but the Concerto ARE NOT A MISTAKE!!!
Concerto were the preferred project of Yves Bernard Andrè, and much better than the Gala without dedicated subwoofer.
The Concerto, not actually produced for their double coil woofers are no more available, yet today a very musical and balanced loudspeaker unto 5.000 euros and more...
It's a 2 way...and half :-) the tweeter is cutted very high up to 8.000 hz for increase the coherence of the loudspeaker.
Sorry for my english,
Marcello, Italy