I just purchased their PASSION 650 stereo amp. Some of the sweetest solid-state Watts I have heard; this is after letting go of my BEL CANTO 40 SET AMP.  Given how wonderful YBA products are I am wondering why I’ve heard of them only once or twice in the last dozen years or so, and I think both times have been me. Anyone out there have first hand listening experience with YBA?
The older passion that I own was their top of line made in France back in the late 90's to early 2000's. I believe when he sourced out the newer series but kept the Passion name only the Signature series is now made in France. Not sure when that move was made (but think it is available on-line) but thought he is still keeping an eye on the complete line not just the signature that he oversees.
Hey guys!
As the US Distributor of YBA, a point of clarification...

Although Yves-Bernard Andre continues as part of the ownership team and the Chief Designer for Signature, Passion & Genesis series, there is no manufacturing in France of YBA products.

To YBA's credit, they do not attempt to hide or obscure the manufacturing location.

Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
Speaking of China:
I wonder how many high end audio companies manufacture in China?  Anyone? I wonder if my YBA Passion 650 would sound even better if it was made in France?
I’m afraid many make in China. You can get very high quality products from China, the issue is partnering with a company that works with you and ensures your quality processes are included in the prices and costs.

Too often manufacturers go to China, and ask for the lowest possible price, regardless of final quality or components. That is where the quality issues come from.
I don't know about others in the range but my YBA-WD202 has CEU after the serial no. externally and internally it's as good as if it were made by Pass Labs.

Cheers George