I just purchased their PASSION 650 stereo amp. Some of the sweetest solid-state Watts I have heard; this is after letting go of my BEL CANTO 40 SET AMP.  Given how wonderful YBA products are I am wondering why I’ve heard of them only once or twice in the last dozen years or so, and I think both times have been me. Anyone out there have first hand listening experience with YBA?
I have their Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amp in my second system. It's a sweet little integrated amp.
I’ve got a YBA WD202 dac direct connection to poweramp here that does everything but mix you a drink, it was very good stock, but with a simple buffer opamp change 10min job (they used the oldest nastiest $1 opamp TLO72), changed for the "fairly" good OPA2134, which is YBA’s stock for the I/V stage also, turned it into something pretty special.
Now I don’t go much for DS dacs, but this one is a hybrid, some 6bits of R2R multibit and the rest DS.

Cheers George
I visited a person who had a YBA CDP.  It sounded very musical. I began to look into one (old models now) and he told me that he had nothing but issues with the unit.  My research also turned up the same (CDPs only).  So do your homework.  From what people are saying here, nobody has reported any issues so go figure.

Happy Listening.
Of the two AR systems - each with CDP, tuner, and integrated amp - one tuner died (easier to replace than repair) and one amp needed repairs. Both CDPs are alive and well.