I just purchased their PASSION 650 stereo amp. Some of the sweetest solid-state Watts I have heard; this is after letting go of my BEL CANTO 40 SET AMP.  Given how wonderful YBA products are I am wondering why I’ve heard of them only once or twice in the last dozen years or so, and I think both times have been me. Anyone out there have first hand listening experience with YBA?
As I understand it there was a great deal of personal intrigue in this brand, involving a divorce, and brand ownership, yadda yadda.

I didn't follow it very closely, but this may partly explain why this brand kind of exploded on the American scene and then disappeared.
Yves Bernard Andre, is the company.

They even did/made their own transistors. Output devices, IIRC.

Well made stuff, with a refined tastes type aim.

When you are done with the big buttocks, breast implant and collagen lips kind of musical beauty-bluntness of the mid-high level pretension... and have learned a bit more about how things should really sound and can sound..then you can get introduced to things in the audio world like YBA.

We all do this at different speeds, some right way in their audio adventures..some after decades...and some...not in this life.
Mcondo , do you find the same as far as the sweetness of the solid-state sound? I owned an  Integra for years.  I loved it as well.  Sometimes I long for some serious WPC to exercise my very efficient speakers to Serious SPL levels with even better sound than my SET at low volumes.
I have a blue laser yba cd player . Going on 15 years. It’s so musical or sweet so refined. I have tried others but always come back to my blue laser. My local yba dealer went out of business. So no chance to upgrade. 
See my system page. I use their audio refinement line wit proacs and mogami wire. Love the sound.