YBA: Passion Integre vs. YA201

Can anyone compare the Passion Integre to the YA201?
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the integre is smoother thoughout the range...the magic that yba is known for.
I haven't heard them in the same system but I was very impressed with the YA201. I didn't think it would sound as good as it did, considering its modest cost. It was paired with the matching CD player and Tannoy D8 speakers and the overall quality of sound was amazing. The Passion is hard to beat but for the difference is price, the YA201 is not to be overlooked IMO.

I very much agree with Arthur.

I happen to own both amps in two different systems. The Passion is better in all respects, no doubt about it.

However the YA 201 retains the YBA magic and is an unbelievable bargain in my view. I have it together wth its matched YBA Cd player and B&W 600 s3 speakers and the sound is shockingly good. With better speakers the results are even better.

Overall, if you are on a budget the YA 201, at a fraction of the price of the Passion Integre, is better value for money.

If money is not a concern then the Passion is just the amp, for life.

I picked up the YA 201 to use in my main rig when I don't feel like warming up the tube stuff. It sounds wonderful. Very musical, sufficiently detailed. I'm pretty amazed.
The YA-201 is also eye candy :)

Not to threadjack but how does the YA-201 compare to the Integre DT? I am trying to narrow my choices down for a nice integrated.