YBA MC phono module for YBA DT Amplifier

I own a YBA DT Amplifier.
I am plan to add the YBA MC phono module for YBA DT Amplifier.
If anyone has heard it or had the chance to compare with others.
Also it would be very appreciate if you give me an advice concerning the best cartrige for it.
I'd be interested to hear your opinions.
Any other suggestions for other models are welcome too.

I mostly listen to classical music(Female vocals, violin&cello and piano).

Thanks for your kind advice.
I assume you are referring to the YBA Integre DT. Yes, the MC phono module is special. I have use the low output Lyra and Shelter cartridges beautifully with the module. I also listen primarily to classical music as well. The phono section is extremely quiet and there is plenty of gain - I listen mostly at 11 o'clock volume.

I have often thought of 'upgrading' but my system sounds splendid. How do I know? I attended the Stereophile Home Entertainment show here in NYC last spring and heard many expensive vinyl rooms. When I arrived home, the sound in my living room more than held its own. I also regularly attend performances by the New York Philharmonic and compare the live sound immediately after arriving home. What do I often conclude - the home setup is close to actually being there.