YBA Integre DT Owners - Interconnect Suggestions

Just bought the Integre and would appreciate suggestion on possible interconnect cables for this unit. I know of the ones manufactured by YBA itslef, but was looking for other possibilites in the moderate priced range. Your input will be appreciated. Thank you.
If you are using the phono section, the VPI phono cable is a super bargain at $200. The rest of my interconnect cables are more pricey Cardas Golden Cross. I also use the Stealth M-21 power cord and Audioquest Slate speaker cables.
The interconnects are dependent on your source component more than the amplifier. What is your budget and what CD player, etc., are you using?
I guess if I had to pick a moderately priced cable for say $150 used, that would be good with most sources, it would be the the Siltech ST-18G3 and the JPS Labs Superconductor +(Plus).
YBA Diamonds! I have tried many other cables and I use Diamond speaker cables and interconnects. In their price, they canĀ“t be beaten with this amp. (I have the same amp and I love it.) I have tried all of the YBA cables except the Diamond plus which is about $750.