YBA Integre DT and Dynaudio combo

I have the YBA Integré DT and I am using Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII speakers. I love the amp and I love the speakers. The question is them in combination. The little Dynaudios like a lot of power. On paper, the combination is not particularly advisable but the quality of the 90 watts at 4 ohms ALMOST seems to do the job. Naturally I would love to have more power but I don´t want to sacrifice the quality. I would change the speakers more willingly than the amp.

Have any of you used this combination? What are your thoughts and reccomendations? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much.
I'm confused about your question. You have both of these babies, you say? So what can anybody say to you that your tympanics can't tell by their lonesome? Sure your speakers can take more. Only you know, from your listening style/tastes if you need more. You said you were happy. Sit back and be happy. You'll read something, here, that I feel may set you back. I owned the Integre. Stunning, the best for much more than the buck. Killer sound. It ran my Revel M20s just fine, and they can take whatever you could dish out. Sure they would love more power, but I was happy with the power the Integre dished out. peace, warren

P.S. now, if you want 100 watts, you can always go with the YBA Passion Integre. The jump to 100 watts (3db) from your Integre is going to cost you. You will, however, get much more than just the 50 watts. A whole lot. happy listening.
happy listening.
Warren, I appreciate your response. I know that if I´m happy, it really doesn´t matter what somebody else says because I am the person that needs to be satisfied here, and truth be told, I´m very happy with it. I do sit back and just smile at what I´m hearing.

Eventually, I may go with the Passion integre but I can´t touch that at this time. Also, my listening room is a little bit too boomy as it is so things sound pretty huge. Until I can figure out a way to get a drier acoustic space, there would really be no practical point in changing equipment.

I have never had a remotely decent stystem before this so what I have now already blows anything I´ve had away. It´s just that these things are so darn addicting! Anyway, thanks Warren. I do appreciate it.
I have a set of three Dynaudio Gemini MTM speakers with tiny 5 inch woofers (arfers?). These were used as the high end of a biamp setup driven by an ADCOM amp rated at 100 watts into 4 ohms. When I got myself a big ADCOM amp rated at 350 watts into 4 ohms, I hooked the Dynaudio's up full range just to see what they would do. I really can't explain it but the results were truly astonishing. I suggest that you beg, borrow or steal a really powerful (but not necessarily expensive) amp, and see how your speakers respond.