yba integrated

Why do yba integrateds sound so damn good?
As does their second line, Audio Refinement.
Simple: high-end quality build parts in a top-end high-end French design, with quality labour in France  = A top-end performer.

AUDIO REFINEMENT ("AR") was their cheaper second line offering - a designed-in-France kit with YBA designed family parts but assembled in China line.

Personally, I can speak to the AR prowess. I scrapped my very top-end 7.1 CAMBRIDGE AVR in favour of separates:
- AUDIO REFINEMENT separate 3 channel power amp  and
- separate AR  2 channel  power amp along with
- a quality built separate USA AV pre-amp processor and
- direct  pass-through my main 2-channel integrated.

 The sonic improvements over the AVR were not subtle with the AR power amps introduction.... They were a fine complement to my REGA OSIRIS integrated amp 

highly recommended. 
A dealer friend of mine once loaned me the AR Complete integrated amplifier. Used it in my system for a month. A very nice 50wpc piece. Detailed, non grainy, great soundstage.  
I've run a YBA Passion integrated for almost 8 years now. Before that i ran AR separates . High quality sound, unique features and very solid build. If I was in the market for a second system I would jump all over some of the YBA amps, preamps and integrateds that are usually available used at very good prices. I am concerned that repairs or parts will be hard to come by since they were sold and have a new line that no-one seems to have reviewed for SQ or build quality, Heaven help me if I ever need to replace the remote!

I have all Audio Refinement separates in a second (bedroom) system, and I use a universal remote from Harmony.
Hi Guys

Just discovered this thread and wanted to state we are the new US distributor of YBA - more info on our website.

Please note the Audio Refinement line is no longer in production.

Also, Yves-Bernard Andre remains the Chief Designer of all YBA products as well as manages/directs all YBA manufacturing. 

-tmh audio
tmhaudio, Can a US owner of a Audio Refinement product get service from YBA if required? 
Generally speaking, yes - servicing on AR products can be serviced by our US-based Technician with any required assistance from YBA/Yves-Bernard. Of course there are some limitations of these older designs.

Just contact me directly with an email describing your model, serial number and specific problem.

I should also mention, the two entry level YBA "Design & Heritage" series could be considered the replacement of the "Audio Refinement" series.

Hope that helps....
Jim Ricketts/tmhaudio.com


We recently had the YBA "Passion" Pre/DAC 550 reviewed by SoundstageUltra. Lots of comments on Sound Quality & Construction Quality.

btw, Yves-Bernard Andre retained partial ownership in the new company and continues as Chief Designer as well as Manager/Director of YBA manufacturing done in an ISO9001 facility.

LINK: http://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/equipment-menu/644-yba-passion-pre550a-dac-preamplifier

Thanks Jim. The reason I asked is that I have a friend that owns the AR integrated. He is looking to sell it and I was wondering about getting service should I or someone I now be interested. I will check out your website.
My girlfriend and I both have had AudioRefinement integrated amps (as well as CDPs and tuners) for many years and have had no issues. (Caveat: when she got her tuner, it had some problems, but DeJa Vu audio - in the DC suburbs - was able to fix it easily. Since then, it has worked perfectly.) IMHO, AR equipment was a steal at the price and sounded great.

Mesch, for what your friend will probably ask, I would buy his integrated without thinking twice. 

Jim, thanks for the information - both about repairs and about "replacements" for the AR series.