YBA Initial vs Integre vs Audio Refinement

I am in the process of purchasing an integrated amplifer. I previously owned Audio Refinement and it sounded quite decent. I have heard, however, that YBA products are far more superior than Audio Refinement all the way. Now, how superior are they? Any comment is welcome.
Yes the YBA products are better (N-th degree of detail) but they are in a different ballpark than the AR pricewise. The AR is just a huge bang for the buck.

Now that the Audio Refinement line has been discontinued there is the YBA Design brand. It appears to be similar in application to the Audio Refinement and if the AR products are anyindication, the YBA Design will be jam-up.

If you can afford YBA buy YBA. If not, their other stuf is great.

Good luck!
Thanks Bignerd100 - That's what I thought. But the newly introduced YBA Initial line is rather inexpensive: I see someone is selling for $800's here at Audigon. I remember paying around $1000 for an AR integretaed, so YBA isn't too off price wise. I personally auditioned YBA's separate set up with B&W reference and I was astonished by its musicality. If money is no object, I will surely set up my system wih full YBAs and Proac.
Ipous, which would you rather drive: Camry or a BMW? 6 cylinders or a V8? You get the idea? I owned the Integre for 7 years. The best 50 ss watts I ever heard. Sold it to purchase? Yep, the Integre's big brother--the Passion. Beautiful in and out. The YBA Integre is in a different league from what you are comparing it to, IMHO. peace, warren :)
Yeah, I agree with you 100% that YBA Passion is in the different class from all the amps I mentioned above. But if you are to compare bewteen YBA Initial and AR, what are the diffrences in terms of sound quality? Anyone with first hand experiences?
My thread is a bit confusing. My fault. I did not mean to compare the Passion. I owned the YBA Integre DT for 7 years. This amp is the one I'm talking about that is in a different class. Blows the AR away. That's what I was driving at. My only reason to change was because of the Passion. I hope this is more clear.
Warren, just curious, and not trying to debate here. Just have a simple question. Did you ever compare the audio refeinemnt against the YBA Integre? Like in your own system?
Not in my system, but in the same system at American Audio. I was listening strictly to acoustic jazz. Like I said: different animals. 'twas a long while ago, but it was easy for me to hear the difference. Don't get me wrong, the AR was very nice, indeed. peace, warren
I thinking of buying the YBA Initial. The specs say:

Inputs : 5 lines inputs : tuner, CD, video, tape, aux 1 optional phono MM or MC. I assume the " aux 1 optional phono MM or MC" means where I jack in a phono amp? Then in says: "version : line or phono MM/MC." Means same thing?

Does the YBA Initial come with remote? If so how much?

The Initial is not remote controlable.