YBA DT integrated vs. Musical Fidelity A308

Any thoughts on the YBA vs. the A308?
Would be used with one of the following speakers:
Audio Physic Virgo III
Dynaudio Special 25
JM Labs Micro Utopia Be

At present I am leaning to the YBA, but mainly because it is smaller (I move a lot).

Also if anyone else has rec in the price range, let it be from the EU.
I have a feeling the 308 will be more expensive on the used market. I owned one and just recently sold it. I'm kicking myself for doing so. I needed to downgrade to, so I went with an A3. I do know that if you go with the Audio Physic Virgos, the A308 will be a great choice. Musical Fidelity and Audio Physic have great synergy together. I owned the virgos for a while, and heard the version 3 with the 308 at a dealer. Since the virgos are 4 ohms, you will be pushing 300 watts to them with the 308. I would probably place the 308 with the Dynaudios as well, just because they need a lot of power to really come alive, or atleast I'm told. With the Jm Labs, I would definitely go with the YBA amplifier. JM labs and YBA go together like AP and Musical Fidelity go together. I heard the YBA with some Elektra 926's and was very impressed. Hope this helps.
Hi There,
I have for the last few years (almost) used a set of Virgo 111's with a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista integrated, which is much the same circuiutry & power as their A308.
This is a fabulous match, the Virgos IMO need a decent amount of power to really give their best.
I have never regretted buying either of these for a moment.
I only this week took delivery of a Pass X250, the Vigos love it but I,m not sure if it's really much of an upgrade for me. It does some things better and others not as well as the MF.
Cheers Si
Recently decided to go the integrated route as a way to simplify my system. After several attempts the Roksan Kandy mkIII seems to fit the bill. Wonderful to use, no cable mess, and easy to just sit back and listen to music. The Roksan may not be in the same league as the YBA or Musical Fidelity but you might give it a try. Personally I find myself investigating new music instead of equipment. Good luck.
The Integre. No question, there. Had one for 7 years. 50 of the best SS watts at just about any price.
Typical Warrenh post, nothing new here! This is old! Have you tried every 50 watt amp available to continually claim it the best? Not to mention, the best in every situation.

come on Brian! it's just an expression. mighty sensitive this morning. skin as thin as ever. let me rephrase that for Brian's sake as well as other audiophools who will take exception. The Integre is one killer integrated that will hold its' own against amps costing the same and much more. How's that? peace, warren
Warren, I admit my response was agreesive. Your post was a copy of many we could cut and paste from your past posts. Furthermore it tells the poster nothing at the same time it alienates all other posts, by saying "no question", yet no experience other than YOU owned one for 7 years. You repeatedly make the bold statement that it is "50 of the best SS watts at just about any price", my question is, how do you know? While I don't doubt it may be a very good unit, I doubt the claim.

Just an expression, I don't think so, anyone who has used Audiogon for a year could quote one of your posts.

As long as thin skin is an issue, feel free to call yourself an audiophool, not others.

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We noticed you were gone too!!!

As for justification, I need none, I meant what I said, maybe could of said it differently. As for thin skin, it doesn't even make sense in this instance.
btw, the "onion skin" remark is directly related to your "...feel free to call yourself an audiophool, not others" you just don't get it. If you want to go tete a tete let's do it via email. This bs, doesn't belong on the 'gon. peace, warren
Not a problem Warren, although it has all been covered before. I agree nobody wants to read this b.s., countering or questioning a post though is all part of it. IMO, you don't get, sheesh.