yba/complete int amp 2 mac1900 speaker cables?

i'm thinking of selling my yba/complete int amp. it is wonderful, is in great shape and does everything i ask. why the change? i don't know!

with the complete i use a sweet old mac1900 receiver as a tuner in my system. the mac1900 is solid state but it always makes me smile.

i was thinking of using the mac1900 as my pre/pro, continue to use the tuner section and even use the phono section with my pro-ject debut table. i use a pioneer elite pd59 as my cd source and listen thru a pair of snell model d floorstanding speakers.

hi fi? doubtful. tuneful mid fi at best but it makes me smile and tap my toe when i'm listening to a range of music from classical (mostly string quartets or cello pieces) to a lot of blues, reggae and plenty of rock n roll.

here is the question:

what do i use for speaker cables and the mac1900? the mac1900 has a wee bit of a spring device which hardly allows bare wire let alone heavy gauge stuff. my present bi-wired signal cables are bananas all around.

any and all thoughts about what to do with the speaker cables would be appreciated.

those who care to chime in about changing from the complete to the mac1900 are also encouraged to share their views.

be well

Speaker cables-cheap way to go is to reterminate amp ends with pins-plenty to choose from 2 bucks up.

Or if you want to keep them you can buy an Outpost with pins instead of spades.



thanks for your insight.

do u know of any product that i can slip over the banana plugs to turn them into a narrow pin?

i "really" don't want to re-terminate my speaker cables but am willing to "modify" the speaker cables to fit the mac1900.

by the way, the mac1900 had been in my office for a few months where i had them hooked up to a pristine pair of kg4s. i thought everything sounded pretty great in that small, carpeted space. if i liked the kg4 that much, i can only imagine the more well thought of forte or other klipsch classics.

any speculations on my move from the complete int amp to the mac1900?

again, thanks for sharing your thoughts

be well