YBA cd1

Hello , I'm considering a YBA cd1 with external power supplies...I know the player this fellow has was from 2002 ....way long ago ....he will no go less then 3k and I'm at an impass ...I know this player has its reputation of being very vinyl like ....I just want to know would anyone even consider a player this old for that amount when I can buy so many other newer very good players for 3k or just alottle more ....but this fellow claims nothing today will blow it away for red book cd which is what I will mainly be playing ....he feels over sampling is not as good as this player 44.1 format and blue laser plus hi performance power supply ....please any comments will help thank you very much ! 
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In a word (IMO) .... "no"

- is it a very good cdp.... yes
-is the cats ass in terms of pinnacle audio performance? No... there are numerous used offerings from NAIM, REGA, LINN and others that surge ahead. 
- is it worth spending $3k.on this 15 year old kit: no

For example the REGA ISIS is up for sale at $4K

-it is far better unit IMO in terms of sonic performance , but that is a value judgement that I will set aside for the moment .

- old cdps will need substantial repairs eventually. Each REGA has two matched serial number transports reserved for it. It is built like a battleship and not forgetting the archived 2 transports for each unit stored by Rega , this hopefully means a very long life unit.

-the ISIS also has a direct USB input into its high-end DAC so you can play all your digital files stored on a hard drive / NAS drive directly from the remote in addition to the cds. 
If you can find one, the Audio Refinement CDP was of similar vintage and almost as good as the YBA since it was YBA designed, but made in Asia. It would be a fraction of the price. 

both service and parts are key in a purchase like this one.
Have you tried looking for the PASSION 1000 CD player. This replaced the CD1 and is really very vinyl-like quality.

I am still using this CD player for over 10 years. I also have the latest YBA model CD430. I use the later more for its DAC chip. In my mind the CD1000 PASSION  YBA is best in terms of warmth, transparency sound stage and detail.
I just spoke with the fellow on line and with the out board power supply units he will not drop ...I'm really just not sure ... I can by 6 year old Ayon cd3 tube output stage for same price or an esoteric X1 ....or even for 3600 audio aero which has amazing performance ...why does this player even come close to much newer in price or performance ...can it or am wrong here ? There is even a electrocominet 2 yo upc for 3k ....I know this YBA cd1 is very good but it is from 2002 I just don't know 
There is a lot of them up for sale , 


But they don't appear to be selling ..... so you are not married to just this one.

Your takeaway

It is old .... full stop. The VERY advanced age of the kit and the looming repair risk  already mentioned  is a BIG knockdown in asking price for the majority of us. 

It is a good unit .. okay.... but it is no ultimate winner. Not even close. Any of the top NAIM, REGA, LINN, ESOTORIC, MARK LEVINSON, DCS , DENSEN, AYRE, SIMAUDIO, ELECTROCAMPIONET  and a large bevy of other newer model contenders will match and best it.

They are no longer a popular choice anymore (lots for sale and not moving ....) so if you don't like it ( and there is a LARGE risk that you may not in your system, as in any blind purchase) you will be saddled with it and suffer a significant impediment in trying to unload for all the reasons herein.

Caveat emptor.

(1) Either move on now, or, 
 (2) Present your final offer, and if it is refused, fine ..... walk away..... again full stop, and stop agonizing over a risky venture.