YBA CD Integre vs. Resolution Audio CD50

I'm in the process of buying a new CD player, and have heard the YBA and really love it. That said, I've heard so much about the CD50, but haven't heard it personally. Does anyone have a preference or suggestion between the two? I'm really curious as I believe both are very good players...
I own a YBA so consider me biased if you will. I've had my YBA for five years now and quite honestly I wouldn't trade it for any other CDP on the market. Smooth, analog sounding, non-fatiguing...can't go wrong. Few people here on 'Gon seem to recognize YBA but it really is a very special product.
Jeff, thanks very much for the response. One thing - I had heard that the older Integre (more than 3 years?) had used a different transport, and the newer models didn't 'sound as good'. Do you know if that's actually true? I've had a *really* hard time finding out information on the YBAs, and can't personally hear one before I buy unfortunately...
Armchomp, I know the feeling you have about not really being able to hear YBA items personally before buying them. I looked for months before buying equipment and I was pointed in the direction of YBA after never really finding what I was looking for. I ended up buying the YBA Integre DT amp which I LOVE and the Audio Refinement CD Complete which is really good but not in the league of the amp. I want to get into a real YBA CD Player like the Integre, which I have actually never heard! I have heard the YBA CD2 and it is ridiculously awesome. Very warm analogue sound. If you like vynl, you will love YBA.

Like any great equipment, good power supplies are essential and get the best cables you can. I use YBA Diamond cables and they are amazing. I have tried the lot of all their cables and these are simply fantastic. They are all good however.

I have never heard the Resolution Audio so I canĀ“t compare but I have all YBA cables and everything they make is just fantastic. I just have to love a company that has about 15 people working there. The personal touch is simply everywhere and the sound, ....ah, the sound. Happy listening.